Another rant against ‘Hate Chicken’ or as WE know it, Chick-fil-A!

A Canadian publication, The Star, has printed an unintentionally hilarious editorial by a very disgruntled LGBTQWTF writer, Andrew Wheeler. Mr. Wheeler is very upset. His outrage and dismay have been caused by your love of delicious chicken from Chick-fil-A. How dare you??? In an essay entitled “Chick-fil-A is ideologically opposed to my existence,” Wheeler rails against the insensitivity of people who love chicken and waffle fries because it hurts his feelings, or something.

Full article, HERE. And a ‘response’ from the BBee…  HERE!

In other news, the Global Preparedness Board has a report out that the world faces the possibility of a global pandemic that could get out of control

Officials examined how an airborne disease, like influenza, could travel around the world. Something as deadly as the Spanish flu, spread with our easy access to air travel, could spread around the world in less than 36 hours and potentially kill more than 50 million people, the report said.

Before you start poo-pooing this, one of the major players in this board is JHU Center for Health Security is heavily involved due to their research for the DOD and other US security organizations, HERE.

Full article, HERE.

The chilling part of this is that among other things, is that Ebola is alive and flourishing in Africa, as both Aesop, HERE; and Peter, HERE, have reported. Another issue, swine flu, is rampant in China right now. Up to 200 million hogs have either died or been slaughtered trying to stop the spread, HERE. And we’re getting ready to come into the flu season…

One last thing, what’s coming across the southern border that we’re NOT catching because CBP/DHS/Medical is overloaded down there. Sigh…


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  1. Chicflay offers a discount to veterans.

    How dare they treat those warmongering myrmidons better than non vets?
    I’m so triggered that I have to go to my safe space.
    Wait, I just noticed that the word triggered has a gun association! Oh the horror! 🙂 🙂

    (My wife just asked me why I am giggling like a child)

    More seriously, a “normal” disease is bad enough to cause me to lose some sleep, but when I start think of a weaponized disease set loose in the modern world I have trouble getting to sleep at all.
    John Ringo’s “Black Tide Rising” might not be fiction.

  2. We know that leprosy, measles, and smallpox are coming across our southern border based on the sharp uptick in the incidence in the sanctuary cities.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    Yeah we have those epidemics running rampant in the 3rd world and the people here will not do what is necessary for ideological reasons. What will these idiots do if that stuff makes it over here? I guess the power that be may be fine, but their maid will buy the farm. Now I am putting on my tin foil hat. Wonder if this is a possible acceptable outcome? Know how many deplorables and other undesirables will buy the farm?, makes it easier for them to pudh their utopian dreams in the shell shocked survivors.

  4. Our old enemies (and some new to the west) are making a comeback. The genocidal killers are stalking the world once again and we in our hubris and belief in modern medicine and bureaucratic efficiency think we can put them back in their place. How long before the dead carts roll again?

  5. Chick-fil-a makes good chicken and better chicken noodle soup (my favorite) and I go there for the food, not to make a political statement. I haven’t seen one without some sort of line. And more to my point, I never ask the political orientation of a restaurant’s owner before I eat there. Nor do I ask whether or not they’re soddomites. I don’t know why it irks the donkeys so.

    As to the pandemic, I live in the mountains for a reason. It doesn’t take much to isolate myself from gun grabbers or communicable diseases. It’s that survivalist gene I guess, though I’m far from a hermit. And it’s coming. The question is how bad and how long it will last. Maybe the plague will handle LA’s homeless?

  6. Is the problem in Chick-fil-a or in Wheeler? The vast number of divorced straights who are not kicking up a fuss suggests that Wheeler, specifically, has some form of disordered mind.

    If his disordered mind makes sharing creation with Chick-fil-a so intolerable, perhaps it counts as a pathology. Canada has socialized medicine, and with socialized medicine comes treatments for incurable painful pathologies that minimize suffering.

    Of course, while the successes of conversion therapy do not make one confident that there is any effective treatment for that condition, being a whiny little bitch is entirely a different matter. I’ve a inkling that the latter might clear up with the certain knowledge that society will not tolerate such.

  7. I read that essay about Chick-fil-A yesterday and rolled my eyes a lot. I do that frequently these days!

    and yes, we’ve seen what air travel enables in terms of spreading diseases, including ideologies that want to kill and terrorize other societies. I just hope our security apparatus, including health security, is as good as it should be given the amount of money we spend on it!

    • “I just hope our security apparatus, including health security, is as good as it should be given the amount of money we spend on it!”

      That’s funny right there.

  8. Mmmmm… now I’m hungry for some Hate-Murder Chicken. Thanks.

    And then there’s that Russian lab, which had an explosion and fire, which was working with Level 4 biohazards like Ebola, various plagues, and… SMALL POX. WTF, Over?

    Thought everyone, including the Russians, got rid of their Small Pox. Guess not. So who has Russia been selling horrors to now?

    And remember, we have our own horrors living here. Hanta and Bubonic Plague all over the American Southwest. And who knows what in San Fran and Lost Angeles and other sanctuary cities. Zika and various other mosquito-born killers up and down the Eastern half of the country.

    Yay. Us.

    “The Last Centurion” by John Ringo is a good read about contagions and the repercussions.

    • Hanta viruses are native. You can tell by the winter weather if there’s going to be a Hanta-type outbreak in the Southwest. If it is wet, not too cold, and so there are lots of grasses that overwinter to put out seeds? Mouse and other rodent population boom which leads to hanta in humans.

      Bubonic plague is now endemic in New Mexico and southern Colorado, again in the rodents. So don’t pet the rodents. Don’t feed the cute ground squirrel. And you won’t get plague. Now, LA, San Fran, et al? No idea how to avoid the fleas there, besides never setting foot in the places.

  9. I’m OPPRESSED!!!!1111!!!!! There are no Chik-fil-As anywhere near me, and I don’t know where the nearest one might be.

  10. Pride goeth before a fall.

    Mankind has made antibiotics and vaccines.

    But we can’t cure everything.

    I’m surprised we haven’t had a worldwide pandemic of something, come to think of it.

    • not a pandemic since the advent of air travel is what I mean. I suppose HIV might be seen in that light. But it tends to remain in groups of people at high risk.

  11. Like LL, I’m irritated every time I go to “Hate Chicken” due to the lines I must wait in to be served.
    But I still think our most likely worry should be an EMT, launched by who-knows-what little pissant dictator, from the middle of the Gulf of Messiness.
    I’m old…
    And glad I’ve enjoyed a sane world ’til now.

  12. I’m kind of shocked team goat rape hasn’t figured out that all it would take were a few willing “martyrs” from Uganda and some international tickets to any place west.

    And now I want Jesuschikin… I honestly never tried the place before the lbgtwtfbbq degenerates decided they hated it. Now, it’s my go to lunch if I’m too lazy to pack a sandwich.

  13. All- Thanks for the comments, and what’s making it WORSE here is the anti-Vaxer’s… sigh

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