Welp, apparently yesterday’s post lit off the spambots again! 20-30 an hour from 0600, until I went to bed last night.

This is the outage map PP sent me last night… Note who has ZERO people without power… 339,840 homes without power…Sigh… As always, follow the money…

I’m off to spend a weekend turning money into smoke and noise, so there will be light, if any posting, and probably no commenting, considering that we’ll be about 20 or more miles out of town and the nearest tower…

Go read the folks on the sidebar, and I should be back in battery next Tuesday.


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  1. Enjoy your time off, hope its time in the woods where cooler temperatures are FINALLY filtering down here (deep south Texas). They project a high of 72 Saturday morning – Wheee !!! :^)

    • I am sure that’s with the typical Texas breeze that would be gale force winds everywhere else.

      Winter’s coming… Whoo!!!

      • Not so bad. Only 25 gusting to 40. The “tie down garbage cans, lawn furniture, and small children” warning hasn’t been issued yet. πŸ™‚

        • Is that warning firat posted in Elvira Gulch, KS, before spreading south? πŸ™‚

  2. It is criminal what California is doing to all those counties in the north. Nothing like showing people that they don’t matter.

    Enjoy, or have enjoyed, making money into noise. Always a fun thing to do.

  3. All- Thanks for the comments… Got to Colorado it’s 30 and a low of 19 predicted… Brrrr….

    Posted from my iPhone.

  4. On the lighter side of things, UC Berkeley was forced to close on Thursday because of the power outage. Still closed today. I keep looking for a down side.

  5. Add Tehama county to that total.
    Power went off Wednesday at 0015 Hrs due to a fire safety shut down.
    I understand the need for that.
    Winds were gusting to fifty miles per hour, humidity was at 5%, daytime temperature was nearing 90 degrees, and last year PG&E was held liable for the Camp Fire that killed 84 people and burned hundreds of homes and businesses obliterating the town of Paradise due to a wildfire sparked by a faulty power line.
    A major reason for the severity of some of the wildfires in California is the legal restrictions on clearing brush and trees from near power lines pushed through by the environmentalist factions in the state. PG&E had requested permission to clear these fire hazards and had been denied permission by the state.
    Many people build in unsafe brushy, forested areas, and do not establish a fire safety zone around their homes. Personal responsibility is lacking.
    The same type of people build in flood zones.

    I believe that these safety shut downs are necessary in some areas, but by and large they are calculatedly punitive by PG&E in small towns and cities to enrage customers to put pressure on politicians so that PG&E can get legal relief from law suits or rate hikes to pay for putting the utility lines underground. Great idea: fewer fires, fewer people crashing vehicles into power poles, and an opportunity to upgrade aged power lines and communication services.
    Where is Tesla when you need him?

    We live in a rural area and power outages are routine during winter storms. Most people are prepared for this eventuality.
    Last winter we were without power for six days. We had a neighbor without power for two weeks.
    Since we live in a rural area with few and mostly residential customers PG&E feels no great hurry in re-establishing power. Municipalities come first, but they rarely lose power due to downed trees or other storm damage. IF it snows (not an every winter event) that will take some power lines down. Winter storms do not pose a wildfire threat.

    There are some amazing photos of the Carr Fire that hit Paradise showing blocks of homes and businesses burnt to the ground with nearby trees untouched. Very strange.

    Incidentally, most of Northern California counties have sheriffs that are “shall issue” regarding CCW permits. The permits are good throughout the state.
    The PTB in the Bay Area, San Diego, and LA do not like this loss of their authority to keep citizens disarmed. The Shasta County Sheriff, Tom Bosenko, hammered the Biden Gun Control Commission set up by Obama after a shooting. Sheriff Bosenko’s letter to the commission is on line if your Google-fu is adequate.

  6. I saw this morning that the power outages have claimed their first victim.