Looks like the average Londoner doesn’t put up with protesters well…

Full article and videos, HERE.

Now this one just sets my teeth on edge…

Over the last two weeks in the ongoing federal civil jury trial of Planned Parenthood against David Daleiden, Judge William Orrick has repeatedly cut off defense questioning that he considers straying too close to eliciting information related to Planned Parenthood’s history of selling tissue from aborted fetuses.

Full article, HERE.

How can the judge suppress the basis, IMHO, for the reason that they did the undercover recordings? I know I’m not a lawyer, but damn…

And an interesting take on the ‘gaslighting’ currently going on in DC, HERE. That’s actually a pretty good report, and brings up some good points. Re Pelosi, Chuckie, and whoever the other Dem talking head was yesterday, they come off looking stupid again, more like three year olds that didn’t get their way, especially when the REST of the Dems stayed in the meeting.

And speaking of talking heads, the Dems are truly melting down, I watched a couple of different shows and they absolutely REFUSE to answer a direct question, instead resorting to Orange Man Bad taking points (that are ALL identical across all the talking heads), and/or talking over the questioner or other talking heads in shriller and louder voices every day. It’s getting to the point that it is becoming humorous, and oh so predictable… LOL

And I heard an interesting take on Beto and his gun confiscation yesterday- The commentator raised an interesting point in that Beto himself would never have to DO anything other than order it, he wouldn’t actually put himself in harm’s way to take the guns. Much like the others beating the drums about protecting the Kurds (who are not monolithic by any means), knowing they won’t actually have to DO anything. They can get on the MSM and spout their words, then slink back to congress and rely on the rest of the congresscritters to not pass any real legislation (and the large majority of them have no children in harm’s way, or any possibility of them having to go (wo)man the front lines. And apparently they are also decrying the ceasefire that VP Pence and Sec State Pompeo forged with Turkey, saying the US gave in to Turkey. Wow… just… Wow…

Lastly, it looks like South Park took a shot at Mao Lebron in their episode this week!

“South Park” took a not-so-subtle dig at NBA superstar LeBron James over his response to the league’s controversy with China in Wednesday night’s episode of the long-running animated series. 

South Park has skewered the Chinese influence more than once, and it doesn’t seem to bother them that they are now banned in China. Full article, HERE.


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  1. In reverse order: Parker and Stone appear to be excellent comedians and trolls. They may have salted away enough funds that they can care purely about their art. I understand they have made a lot of choices to maintain artistic freedom. When I try to think like a comedian or a troll, it comes to mind that being banned in China is a prestigious professional accolade.

    There is the case that our mid east policy should simply be killing everyone. Absent that policy context, I’m not following this closely enough to have strong preferences on this or that policy, barring Obama/Clinton grade stupid. (Not a fan of the Libya matter or the Iran matter.)

    So the senior Dem politicians are stressed, and this isn’t a routine matter for them? Gotta wonder about the death of Cummings. I guess the coroner’s report would be private, given the lack of a criminal proceeding?

    If the Judge is too biased, wouldn’t that be grounds for an appeal? Isn’t there an appeals system for Federal civil law?

  2. I’m not surprised to see the Dems pushing more and more to ignore reality – because reality makes them look stupid, criminal, or worse.

    I’m disappointed at how the trial is going in California – the judge is beclowning himself and definitely leaving room for an appeal, and maybe personal censure. It is ridiculous to me how far they are pushing this particular issue and bending over backwards to hide clearly illegal conduct.

  3. RE: The liberal Judge. Who, yes, is setting up a situation where even the pre-Trump 9th Circuit would have to rule against him.

    It is amazing the steps the pro-abortionists demons are taking in order to protect their systematic murder and eugenics.

    As to South Park, the two creators got a big Hollyweird award from a very leftist group, which, after accepting the award, told the crowd something to the effect of, “You do know we’re conservatives, right?” Laughter… “No, really, we’re really conservatives.” Nervous laughter shrinking down to nothing…

  4. Here’s hoping the (P)regressives continue letting their mouths overload thier ……

    I’m among many former Democrats who are now independents. The Jebs!, Mitts, etc. shouldn’t take that as an endorsement.

  5. South Park was right on the money, imo, and what great vids outta London! We think, at a distance, and I’m an expat, that there’s no spirit left in the Brits.

    That isn’t true, no foolin.