Um… er… WTF???

The Big Sky Conference has named a transgender athlete as its female cross country runner of the week.

The mind boggles… But apparently even after having raced as a man for three years, he still gets beat by some of the women. Talk about a loser… And the Big Sky conference is really the loser here. What little credibility they had is now out the window, IMHO.

Full article, HERE from the Western Journal.

And then there is the whole McKinnon kerfuffle in England…

Rachel McKinnon, a transgender cyclist who is biologically male, won a women’s world championship at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester, England, on Saturday.

A Canadian philosophy professor, McKinnon also set a women’s world record in the qualifying race, the BBC reported.

McKinnon has repeatedly refused to admit that being a male prior to ‘transitioning’ has given ‘her’ any advantage, even in the face of scientific evidence.

Full article, HERE.

The only apparent way to handle these are that any records a trans sets will be marked with an asterisk, much like other ‘questionable’ records have been over the years. I truly feel sorry for those young ladies who have worked their tails off to compete at the higher levels, only to have s**tbirds like this swoop in and take over various sports.

Apparently in some locations there has been pushback, in the form of lawsuits to disallow participation. There is also an ongoing issue with measuring Low T continually throughout the competitive season.

Maybe they need another class of competitors… Trans… That way they have some competition against equals.



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  1. Unfortunately, giving them their own category “trans” would validate them and give them proof that they are special.

    In NCAA Track and Field there are competitors who are “unaffiliated”. Those are the redshirts who are competing for experience, the Olympic hopefuls who are in training, club athletes, even high-school kids. Nobody cares where the “unaffiliated” place. I think if a man wants to compete in a woman’s sport they should be unaffiliated just like an Olympic hopeful who used up their NCAA eligibility years ago.

  2. Didn’t the tennis people rule that genetics had to be determined with a DNA test done on a cheek swab, to address the issue with Rene Richards?

    Just looked it up, and see that Wikipedia has an article entitled “Sex Verification in Sports,” with testing done beginning in 1950, and 1966 suspicions that some Russian and East German female athletes were actually male. (I have a faint memory of the 1966 controversy; there was also a skit on the subject on Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-in.)

    And didn’t tightened regulations prevent East German athletes who had been heavily doped from competing?

    There have been (I wish to insert qualifiers such as probably,at least, maybe, and all other kinds of waffle yabuts, as many as this parenthesis can decently hold) two cases where world class athletes have had questions raised about their gender, that had nothing to do with this current stupidity:
    1. I THINK the case of Caster Semenya is one.
    2. I am SURE the case of Stanisława Walasiewicz, aka Stella Walsh, a somewhat American, somewhat Polish person, is another. Everyone thought she was a female, until she was murdered in an armed robbery decades after her career was over, and an autopsy showed that she had no uterus, and other plumbing variances, which I will leave as an exercise for the reader.

    My opinion is that if you are so goofed in the head about winning a sports competition that you are willing to whack your willie off to win a trophy, you deserve your own category. Ummm…we do that in pistol competitions, you know. Why not have men’s, women’s, and open categories?

  3. Since this Nonsense started I laid it out trans only compete against other trans. That way you avoid all this nonsense Quick and dirty

  4. Wait a minute, Old NFO, aren’t we all equal in every way? That is the mantra of the progressive left isn’t it? That’s why cities are forced to hire 110 lbs women as police officers to go on patrol, because they can subdue the same suspect as a 180 lbs man, right? We’re all equal.

    Of course, it’s a load of crap, but we’ve had that shoved down our throats for so long, that I am COMPLETELY AMUSED that “transitioning” means that a guy, with male DNA can compete on a level field with women. And all of those progressive women (hear them roar) have to live with it.

    It won’t last. The pendulum will swing back to normal eventually.

    • Even worse, that 110lb woman firefighter is supposed to hump the same amount of hose as that 180lb male firefighter. And to drag or carry the same 220lb body out of a fire.

      Um. Yeah. No.

      Though there are places where that 110lb firewoman can go that a 180lb fireman can’t. So there is some usefulness.

      But, in reality, very few women can climb 30-80 floors of a burning skyscraper humping a full load of gear. There are some. Just not as many as the women think they are. Which would, if there was 1 set of parameters for the position (not dumbed down) then women who could actually perform would stand out.

  5. What would happen if an organization just blatantly arranged an “XX Chromosomes Event.” There. Not calling it ‘girls’ or ‘women,’ they’d just be inviting ALL people of ANY gender who happen to have no Y chromosomes to show up, compete and have fun.
    It’d have to be some organization with some ties to or interest in encouraging women’s athletics – maybe American Heritage Girls?

  6. I do rather like Cranston Snord’s idea more than the “give their own category (and thus ‘special’ validation)” idea.

    I also get the impression that these year will go down as “The Asterisk Era”.

    Winner 2019: Womens $SPORT – Jane Doe*

    * John Doe.

  7. What would happen? The non-women would still ‘win’ and the real woimen would get penalized by the sports system for being bad sports, while the ‘real world’ of leftists would say such evil things that at least one real woman would suicide over the nastiness and the evil will destroy the non-sports careers of most, if not all, of them – college acceptances at the HS level would dry up, if the women are in college their colleges will find ways to kick them out, and any who have jobs will lose them one way or another. In other words, typical ‘liberal’ playbook rules.

    But it would be poignant to watch, women accepting the loss of their future in the ‘real’ world in order to stand up for the loss of their future in the sports world.

    God, I hope it doesn’t come to this, but I fear it will.

  8. I have thought about this a lot and am in awe that the Women are not all up in arms about this, and the men who participate as a woman are not laughed out of the stadium when they win. It is just mind blowing that the feminist are not all up in arms. Russell

  9. Beans/Russell- Both excellent points! And no idea what will happen… sigh

    Posted from my iPhone.

  10. Hey Old NFO;

    The women won’t say anything because they are all fellow travelers against the patriarchy and they are all lemmings and herd animals anyway.

  11. ‘The Road to Hell is Paved With Good Intentions’ and this absolute nonsense is proof. Open the door to weapons grade stupid shit and see where it leads.

    That will be all.

  12. And Lance Armstrong considers of changing his name to Lanete and claiming he is transgender would wipe off his lifetime sanctioned racing ban.

  13. I like what Old Texan said, “weapons grade stupid shit.” That in mind, wymmin everywhere welcome they’re new existence as genderless drones of the Hive.

  14. Maybe we could dispense with the actual competitions.
    We could just agree that anyone who whacks off their wee-wee gets a trophy, the Participation Trophy of all time!
    I wonder if the proliferation of tattoos foreshadowed gender reassignment surgery in any way; both are a fairly irrevocable choice, right?
    Although I believe lasers can burn out the color in some tattoos, making them practically invisible; don’t know about gender re-reassignment. Didn’t that happen in that awful Gore Vidal book in the 1960s, Myra Breckinridge?