Book promos…

My friends are doing better than I am at getting stuff out there…

First up, Monalisa Foster’s new book Ravages of Honor.

As always, click the cover for the link!

The blurb-

With one act of defiance Syteria holds the fate of many worlds in her hands. But she does not know it. A stranger in a strange land, she must survive, adapt, thrive.Only then can she free herself. Only then can her sacrifice and defiance bear fruit.A space opera about the price of honor, power, and freedom.

I was privileged to be a beta reader on this one, and it’s a great read. Twists and turns, intrigue, and great characters make it hard to put down!

Next is Wayne Whisnand, with another short story, Working on Terra

The blurb-

Tole travels back to Terra to handle a problem that threatens his home world. As is almost always the case for him, things are not always what they seem.

This is another one I did a read for. Interesting continuation of Tole’s ‘adventures’ with some very interesting plot twists! Good short story.

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