Fall back…

At least this time around, we get an extra hour of sleep… Unless you’re pulling the duty, and you get to work an extra hour.

Personal opinion, we just need to do away with DST. It’s no longer necessary, as most people never get out of the house and away from their computer/phone/game console. And it screws with the sleep schedule, cause the animals still want to be fed/let out/etc. at their ‘normal’ time, regardless of what time ‘we’ think it is…



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  1. Up early aren’t you JL? I guess you would say I am pulling duty. At my job we have a system downtime and I am one of the support people this morning. New application go live so been busy since 2am. Still working.

    Yep, do away with it.

  2. Kids are also a handful for a month after each change. End it, let business and schools change their hours seasonally as they need, based on latitude. It gets dark too d$mn early at 40N and beyond.

  3. We have it in the UK solely to accommodate a few, ungrateful Scots> The sooner it’s abolished here, the better

  4. I’m retired but it makes no difference to me. I woke when I always do. Heard from my daughter and apparently her 3 year old is rampaging through the house at 5am instead of 6 now.

    • Yep. It’s heck for parents, cause no one can make a small child sleep in.

  5. My new employer’s QA manager sent out an email telling us that DST was starting and to turn our clocks ahead one hour and to enjoy the extra hour of sleep. I sent a “reply all” saying I think she meant “end” and “back”. I’ve worked there 3 weeks. I haven’t seen an email resonse yet. Probably a pink slip. 🙂 Stupid time change.

  6. “Unless you’re pulling the duty”
    Oddly, the timezone changes transiting to/from WESTPAC always seemed to work against me. Guess I shouldn’t have pissed of the Chief.

    Screw DST, we should shift to GMT, er, Zulu, er, UTC- whatever they’re calling it nowadays. And a 24-hour clock, dammit!

    Pet peeves: digital clocks that say 0700pm and HR people who insist that 12AM and PM are midnight and noon “because Medicare says so”. Ugh.

  7. I think it kind of depends on which side of the time zone you live how much the daylight is a factor. Having lived close to I-35 most all my life from Texas, Oklahoma, Minnesota I did like having an extra hour of sunlight during the summer months so I could do outdoor stuff, fishing, sailing and shooting after I got off work.

    Now that I am an old retired guy who gets up and feeds the dog fairly early every damn day and have all day for outdoor stuff I no longer care, not even a damn little bit. Those who work and have to deal with kids and stuff can fight it out on their own time, as for me, I am old and get off my lawn.

  8. Arizona has it right. Drop DST. The original purpose, to spare artificial lighting during WWI, has long since passed. I know people enjoy the longer evenings, but we get those anyway. One argument made in Arizona is that not having DST allows outdoor workers to get more done before the heat of the day hits in summer. Makes sense to me, especially in southern parts of the country.

    • Having lived in Phoenix, I can assure you that an extra hour of sunlight in summer is akin to being condemned to the biblical fiery furnace for an extra hour. If DST was in place, moving “evening” outdoor activities to after 10:00PM (or 22:00 for Robert) would be de rigueur for the Valley of the Insanely Hot Bright Thing in the Sky.

    • No, get rid of standard time! I like being able to hike well into evening on summer nights.

  9. Worked it. Again. And $WORKPLACE had signs up reminding people to adjust clock and get that “extra hour of sleep” – gee, rub it in, wouldya?

    And yeah, the time changes need to go. Standard Time, Daylight Saving Time.. don’t care anymore. Just let’s pick one and be DONE with it.

  10. I reset all the clocks and moved the sundial east one hour. Get rid of DST and quit messing with my sleep patterns twice a year. How can a guy get any rest with all this time change?

  11. But but but Congress decreed it, and made it last even longer than before! They’re so wise and beneficent, how could we even doubt that they’re smarter than the sun? And Creator, for that matter?

    Feh. Make it go away.

  12. My feeling? Go halfway in between and say “This is US Time, the rest of you chowdaheads can get over it!” Or stick with regular time only.

    My body has never adjusted well, and now that I’m getting older, it really is beginning to become an issue. Like I just got adjusted about a month ago from the last time change.

    Petty bureaucrats forcing stupidity on us just because they can. That’s the only reason for DST to continue to exist.

  13. All- Wow… Apparently I hit a nerve or three… Glad to see most of y’all feel the same way I do. TXRed- Once again the ‘gift’ that keeps on giving… NRW- And half of Arizona would be asleep LONG before the sun went down… LOL

    Posted from my iPhone.

  14. I don’t see the need for it, either.

    Except maybe in Kalifornia where they don’t have electricity…..

  15. I’d prefer we stay ON DST year round. Friday I got home from work and had 45 minutes of daylight. Tomorrow I’ll drive in, and home, in the dark.

    I don’t need “daylight” in the morning as I have to drive in with my lights on in all but high summer anyway. Give me that sun on the way home.

    • Then just decide to do one or the other. But make it permanent. None of this flip-flopping around, dangit.

  16. Elect me “King of the World” and I promise…
    I’ll put us all on GMT.
    That way, if I tell you I’ll meet you somewhere at 1800 hours, you know exactly what time to be there, even if there’s a timeline involved.
    Employers would just have to adjust…
    “Come to work at 1200 hrs GMT!”
    Our system is just stupid.