Globull warming???

I @#$%^# think not…

70 degrees day before yesterday, 32 yesterday morning. Spitting snow a couple of times.

This is frikkin’ North Texas in FALL… NOT WINTER…

This morning, NINETEEN!!! I think winter shivved fall and shoved her under a bench somewhere…

And of course I had to be up and out to help a friend out. Sigh…


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  1. That would have to be one helluva friend! 🙂

    We’ve had a lot of discussion about what type of winter we’re supposed to have in our area this year. We have conflicting predictions from all of the major weather services. One says warmer and dryer than usual and one says it’ll be the next ice age. What it boils down to is that there’s a distinct lack of either an El Nino or La Nina in the Pacific. Without either one being present apparently the weather patterns are a crap shoot at best.

    Personally, I’m going to adopt a habit my 100 year old great uncle used to promote. He’d say, “You want to know what the weather’s like? Go look outside. Then you can come back in and dress appropriately.”

    Layers are key. I’ve never lived in a northern state, but I figure they know what they’re talking about when it comes to cold weather.


  2. I hear them brass monkeys shrieking from down here.

    Colder up there than here(hard up against Mexico along the Rio Grande) – 36 right now, going for a high of 42 with drizzle – rain up until noon. Wind gusts 15 – 30 mph.

    So glad to NOT be out in a deer blind, they’d be laughing theirselves silly watching the blind <> :^)

    Good soup – stew – chili weather, a wedge of cornbread crumbled on top – oh yeah, mark that page !

    Try’n stay warm sir.

  3. I’ll take winter over summer heat. Nobody looks strangely at you with layers on but get upset when you go around naked and sweaty.

  4. 62 and sunny at noon, spitting snow by 6:00 pm.

    Grounds covered and 12 degrees at 6:00 am.

    So KY weather at it’s finest.

  5. Yesh….it’s not Global Warming; it’s Climate Change. 😉 Remember that accommodates whatever change occurs in the climate for all of eternity without anyone being able to claim the precious left is wrong. Get on board, Comrade.

    • The Left is wrong. The Left should depart from our government, never to be seen or heard from again.

  6. Much the same here in east Kansas. Sunday I was working the range in my shirtsleeves. Gorgeous weather and we had a crowd. Yesterday it snowed and currently it’s 10 above. Hey Al Gore! Where’s that global warming you promised me?

  7. 4 below zero in Montana on the 11th 34 degrees above zero by mid-afternoon.

  8. You’re considerably cooler than southcentral Alaska, as our temps remain abnormally high (upper 30s). If it makes you feel any better, AccuHunch calls for snow/freezing rain/sleet tomorrow.

  9. As my mom used to say, “Weather like this reminds you there ain’t even a picket fence between north Texas and the North Pole!.”

  10. Unseasonably warm here this fall. It’s nice for the kids, but damned if I didn’t have the house flipped to “heat” much too soon. I guess I’ll take stock of our winter layers this week and make sure we’re ready for the inevitable snow.

  11. All- Glad I’m not the only one wondering WTH is going on… Apparently it was 2!!! in Amarillo this morning. And it was actually 18 when I went out the door… Brrr…

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    • That was the wind chill. The air temp was 12. Which is still a tad bit chilly for November. But we’ve also already had seven inches of snow, and it was snowing sideways at 30 gusting to 50 at noon on the 11th.

      Ah, Texas weather, how I love thee. . .

  12. I’d leave us male bovine-ish out of it, but(t)…

    And I’m in MN and while it’s November, it’s being all JANUARY at everyone. Global warming? BRING IT ON!

  13. I’d ****say*** leave…

    (Typos wit’ hooves, yes…)

  14. Here we’ve got a few inches of snow on the ground, and wind chill around ten. I blame Greta Thunberg. If she hadn’t been prancing about crying about global warming, this wouldn’t have happened.

  15. 44 and raining here in the PNW. Layering is my friend, and I have become one of the puffer coat/vest people that seem to be everywhere here.
    I have not and will not stoop so low as to give up my cowboy boots for birkenstocks…

    • Birkenstocks – some of us wear them because of the shape of our feet. The Good Lord thought it was humorous to give me wide feet.

      • He must have thought it fun, because he gave me wide feet, too. Most of my boots are round toed.

  16. The predicted almost freezing cold has become predicted normal cold for November temperatures. Bastiges. I wanted freezing cold, as it slows the mosquitoes down. Only supposed to be down to mid 40’s now. I was promised mid 30’s, I want mid 30’s!

  17. Lows mid 50s – highs low 80s here in the valley for the next ten days. May have to break out the extreme weather parka, mukluks, and snowmobile gloves so I can look like the locals. LOL Naw, long sleeve shirt until noon and then I’m good the rest of the day.

  18. The Arizona highlands (which were arctic last week) are pushing highs in the 70’s this week. And it’s supposed to snow sometime next week.

    I have no idea which way it will swing for Thanksgiving.

  19. Here in the Central Valley it’s been dry and warm all fall.
    We could reeely use some rain but Ventusky shows nothing on the way.
    And with Cali’s new groundwater rules, ag is gonna be in a jam…sigh.

  20. Read about the U.S. Army chasing Indians in the West part of Texas both before and after the Civil War. They would be hot after the Indians in late October and November without any cold weather gear and get themselves caught in terrific blue cold fronts moving in. Lots of rain, sleet, sometimes hail and then snow that would pile up in deep drifts and it was not a good time for all.

    I was out quail hunting along the Canadian River South of Norman Oklahoma about 35 years ago shooting over an incredible Brittany in the morning and then right after noon we watched a blue wall of clouds move in and the temp drop about 40 degrees by the time we got back to the truck, from the 80’s to the 40’s and by the time we really pulled out it was below freezing with lots of mix moisture coming down that ended up with snow and this was a week before Thanksgiving and I had some nice quail to serve as appetizers.

    Weather Happens.

    • “Blue Northers” are certainly awesome to behold – seen many of them, and I never cease to be held spellbound as they move so quickly over the land. The ones with the greenish hue to the wall of clouds are the nasty ones since that usually means hail, and often BIG hail.

  21. All- Thanks for the comments, OldTex, those are ‘blue northers’… Scary! And we were colder than Anchorage, AK! That ain’t right…

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  22. Meme I saw from an Okie – Fall was a beautiful DAY this year.