Water view…

Is worth HOW MUCH???

In the continuing saga of California, PP’s house has a ‘lakeview’ if you stand in the back yard and look at ‘just’ the right angle…

That little spot of grey/blue in the circle is the lakeview. Now granted, in the winter with all the leaves gone, you can see a bit more.

The house across the street is for sale, 3br, 1 ba, 1071sqft, for $179,000 with no water view.

The house ‘above’ PP’s on the hill does have a water view as it sits above all the other houses and has 3br, 2ba, 1400sqft, and…


Now both these houses are builder grade, nothing special… But $100,000 just for a water view? Oh hell no…

At least they haven’t gotten as bad as New Hampshire and taxed people for their view… yet…



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  1. I remember reading, many years ago, that a home for sale in CA was claiming a water view. Problem was, one had to stand on the ‘throne’ on tiptoes and look out the small bathroom window.

    • Be glad this generation of bureaucrats hasn’t seen the Monty Python sketch about taxing “thingy.”

  2. California needs to tax the view from homes in order to fund the influx of illegal aliens. How else can they afford to feed, house, educate, etc. these “high propensity democrat voters”?

  3. SoCal- Yeah, I don’t ‘think’ that was a joke.

    Jenny- My bad…

    TXRed- Hell, this generation of California Pols, it’s probably on their repeated watch list…

    LL- Good point, and I’m amazed at the BS, even up here in NORCAL. And don’t get me started on what they’re teaching the grandkids in school… Gah…

  4. The taxes follow the prices. What is really the truth is that the view from most homes, lake view or not, matters little once people have moved in and established their routines. The view is not materially an important part of their daily lives or activities.

    There are homes where the view is literally ‘stunning’ and impossible to ignore. Those homes are enhanced financially by their views and should be worth more.

    It is the idiots who pay the extra for the ‘standing on your tiptoes on the potty looking out the bathroom window’ views that are essentially screwing themselves and the community for such inane perceived value. The solution, go spend a couple thousand on a huge plasma tv and put an image on it of a beautiful place you love to look at. At least then, the extra cost you pay can go with you to your next home!!!

  5. They built a 2 car garage, three story house right next to where you parked your car when you visited. The price – $1.6 million. Then the city says to our neighbors – “Well we want to raise your taxes through the roof because the house down the street from you, the one that sits next door to a parking lot is supposedly worth over a million dollars….” And the only water view is when it rains.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    PP healing up better?, and don’t give the state of Cali any ideas on what else to tax, they will do it.

  7. Water view does command extra price. Our home was bought from the original owner and it faces a lake. During the last bubble, we had offers of $25K to $35K more than others in the neighborhood just because of the view.
    We were lucky, we just got regular price and enjoyed the view ever since

  8. Glenda- Excellent point!

    Mrs.C- Ouch! That sucks!

    Bob- She is, slowly…

    Miguel- Good for you!

  9. The assessors love to find “comparables” to validate their assessment. My experience has been the comparable is always the largest and most lavish house in the neighborhood. A water view adds to the value. Hence, all get taxed based in part on a “water view”.

  10. WSF- Oh yeah… Comparables many times are ‘questionable’ at best… I’ve seen those games played before (Cousin owns an appraisal business and has to deal with realtors that make deals for more than the house is worth, then want them to ‘find’ comparables that make the deal work. He refuses and does honest comps).

  11. Willing buyer. Willing seller.
    Sat in our rented Destin condo today, reclined, with a glass of wine nearby, and watched paddleboarders make their way from East to West across our picture window.
    What’s it worth?
    If we give the space up, it’ll be filled in less than a day.
    I love the view and we pay a premium for it.

  12. GB- Yep, and that is an option that, thankfully, some of us have. I spent way too many years staring at water to want to do it anymore… LOL

  13. If you find yourself a little north of your current AO…
    The Broliler Steakhouse outside of Willets is very good.

    And if you are not quite south of Ukiah, and are lucky, you can see the D.C. Capital Police shutdown traffic in Healdsburg so Pelosi can shop, unaccosted by the little people, at her favorite local shoe store. And they keep re-electing her.

    I am up at the far north end of the central valley (well into The State of Jefferson mindset). If for some reason you venture north we could meet up.
    Local citrus is ripe or almost so.
    I am pretty sure I can talk Wifmann out of a jar of pomegranate jelly or I could smuggle it out of the pantry with a suitable distraction. 🙂
    The fires have driven housing prices way up, except in areas like Shingletown which is a beautiful area surrounded by a conifer forest that would be a nightmare to fight fire in due to the existing fuel load and terrain.
    I just had a buddy of mine buy a place in that area. The asking price dropped $1 million over the course of a year after the fires and the Shingletown area was singled out by the state as the highest fire risk area in NorCal.
    Prayers for PP.

  14. The tax assessor in NH wanted to add a ‘view tax’ to my Dad’s place because there was a potential for a view, if you cut down some trees. Dad pointed out those trees were on his neighbor’s property, not his!

    • When my brother was in England he discovered the “screen tax.” Window and door screens had a separate tax assessment. Dunno if it was the local council or nationwide.

      Doing some reading I also came across the “window tax”, which happened a couple hundred years ago. Apparently it was onerous enough even wealthy people bricked up windows on their estates rather than pay.