Back in battery…

And sleeping in my own bed! PP is doing better, kids are better (but wired on meds)…

Tried to get them to ‘pose’ with Papa before I left…

The dogs didn’t think much of their antics either!

But they finally decided to ‘cooperate’ for versions of kids cooperating… LOL

And the dogs just flopped and ignored all of us.


Back in battery… — 15 Comments

  1. I think the little girl was going for a judo takedown in the second photo!
    The circle of train track under the tree brings back some memories.

  2. Those are the best pictures you could possibly have of them at that age. They’re much better than poses of them standing still and trying to look serious.

  3. Yep, grandkids are great. Had I known how great early on, I’da had them first!

    Good photos

  4. The dogs know what’s coming once you leave . . . the kids’ undivided attention. This is the dogs last chance to nap!

  5. Brig- Sleep… That’s what I’d ask for… LOL

    Mrs.C- LOL, if you only knew…

    TXRed- Probably!

  6. Great pics! Needed a reason to turn my frown upside down today so thanks!