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First up is James Young’s prequel to An Unproven Concept, it is the first in the Spartan Trilogy- Aries’ Red Sky

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The blurb-

For over seven hundred years, the Spartan Republic’s citizens have known one truth: Terra is coming. Descendants of exiles who dared to defy an emperor, the star nation’s 70 billion citizens spent the centuries training, arming…and waiting.

In 3035, Leftenant Ian Campbell, Spartan Defense Forces (SDF), discovers a strange anomaly on his corvette’s sensors…and realizes the wait is over. The Spartans must convince the Terrans of the cost of subduing their nation. If they succeed, the Republic survives. If not, the SDF will be forced to paint the stars red with their enemies’ blood.

The Confederation of Man was born in the terror of the Harran Empire’s death throes. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Humanity now spreads from its cradle on Earth to hundreds of stars across the Milky Way, and seeks out new worlds to add.

Captain Marcy Cochran was hoping to find a habitable planet; she didn’t expect the system to already have hostile humans. Now a captive, Cochran must contend with a crew proving to be as dangerous as their enemies, and prevent what has started out as a misunderstanding from becoming a full-fledged interstellar war. For Terran law is quite clear: All humanity will answer to the Confederation. For the Spartans, that makes the government on Earth no different than the empire it supplanted…and they would rather die on their feet than subjugate themselves once more.

Aries’ Red Sky is the newest novel in James Young’s Vergassy Chronicles universe. A prequel to An Unproven Concept, it is the first in the Spartan Trilogy. If you like space opera, high body counts, and capital ship battles on a galactic scale, pick up an author who has been recommended by Amazing Stories, Pop Cults, and The Midwest Book Review.

Next up is Elizabeth Bruner’s new series, Blood of the FaeCalling the Blood

The blurb-

After centuries of warfare, the Fae were banished from the human world, taking most of the magic with them.
Not all of them made it through the gates to the fairy lands. And not all of the magic is gone. A group of warriors vowed to protect humanity from the remaining fae and so they have over the centuries.
Christopher Chevalier, a descendent of one of those warriors, has spent his life studying combat and magic to fight the fae. When he comes across humans acting like fae, using magic he’s never heard about, he has to swallow his pride and ask for help from Listrial, the Fairy Queen and one of the fae who got trapped in the human world.
Dan Ben-David just wants his refrigerator to work consistently. When it reveals another world, one he forgot he’d lived in, he finds more questions than answers about his past.
Winifred Andersdotter wanted nothing more than a nice evening out with her boyfriend. When they’re set upon by thugs who’d taken exception to her boyfriends red cap, they fight back and everything begins to change.

Next is Karl Gallagher’s first foray into fantasy- The Lost War

The blurb-

It was supposed to be a weekend of costumed fun. Instead these medieval historical reenactors are flung into a wilderness by magic they don’t understand. They must struggle to survive and deal with monsters who consider them prey . . . or worse.
“Karl Gallagher’s first production, the Torchship Trilogy, was good enough so that I read and reread it. He has now turned his hand from science fiction to fantasy.”
– Professor David D. Friedman, Professor, Santa Clara University, author of The Machinery of Freedom and Salamander
– Also known as Duke Cariadoc of the Bow, KSCA, OL, OP, founder of the Pennsic War.

And last but not least, Tom Rogneby is putting Escort Duty up on sale for .99!

The blurb-

A princess in a high tower
A holy promise fulfilled
A hidden gift uncovered
A nation caught by surprise
These and other stories are waiting in “Escort Duty.”
Strap on your sword, march to the sound of the guns, and enjoy these tales from the author of “Via Serica.”


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