LTUE Day 2/3…

Sigh… Apparently the scheduler didn’t, so you get a combined post…

Day 2- MOAR panels… We had fun with the horses panel, got some good info out, even with a couple of presenters that did the SQUIRREL thing a couple of times. I mentioned cutting horses, and I see one young guy in a cowboy hat do a fist pump. Turns out he rides broncs and bulls in the local rodeos, and also works on a ranch.

Funniest thing so far, Larry Correia, Pete Nealen, and I doing an impromptu gun and Cartels panel in the hallway for an hour…. Had eight or nine folks standing around going, “I didn’t know that.”

Glad I decided NOT to attend one of the panels Larry was on, I would probably have been thrown out for ‘contradicting’ one of the panelists… She apparently made the SAME stupid comment as last year…

Last day today, and I’m not on any panels so I can go attend panels that I want to see. And we ‘might’ have put another anthology together… LOL…

I was also humbled by the number of folks that apparently like my writing and are now following me, plus the compliments we’ve received on the panels I was on.

Day 3- Thankfully no panels today. Lots of side discussions, actually got to attend a few panels, and more side discussions, plus plans for ‘specific’ panels for next year. Dogs were barking and my back wasn’t liking me… So short evening. I’ll be sitting at the airport waiting on the flight home as you read this.

Again, my apologies for the missed post.


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  1. And now I’m wondering what stupid comment was repeated this year. I know, secret knowledge and all that, but still.

    As to guns and Cartels, there’s so much information out there about both that it amazes me when people still get big stuff about either totally wrong. As far as I know, no gun has leaped into a room and just ‘gone off,’ nor has any Cartel ever been a peaceful group of friendly businessmen and their suppliers while they do the whole ‘Robin Hood’ thingy with the locals. (Yes, I know people, real people who think guns are animated objects possessed with evil spirits and can act alone. And that Cartels are just free-market organic product exchanges (well, seems that those that partake of the Cartel’s products tend to have reduced reasoning abilities.))

    • When I worked med-evac, we used to joke that if we wanted to make the big bucks, we would become shippers and distributors of South American produce and plant materials.

      And some folks in the restaurants thought that’s what the cartel-types really did. *Groan*

    Some time ago, I was given a review copy of the LTUE release for this year, “A Dragon and Her Girl.”

    Confession: I didn’t hit this anthology as soon as I could.
    1. For one thing, I am still somewhat overcome by, well, Life, The Universe, and Everything. When you have a ginormous family (10 kids, 15 grandkids, 1 great-grandson) plus some uncounted number of brothers, sisters, cousins, one remaining parent and two step-parents, SOMEBODY is almost always guaranteed to be in difficulty, and it brings ouches. Plus, I have pneumonia.

    2. For another thing, I have had occasion to realize that I really DON’T like fantasy. It’s mostly the turgid writing that seems to infect the genre.

    3. And finally, the title put me off. I had to slosh through so much precious, gender-identity-conscious, woke fiction during the last Dragon Award competition that my innards started to bleed. (And if you’ve never experienced THAT, count yourself lucky!) So, “The Dragon and HER GIRL,” with the twice-designated female character, just had my back up.

    So, bruised and battered by circumstances, alienated by the potential for purple prose and neo-uber-feminist tractation, I balked.

    HOWEVER! The proceeds from the book sales go to funding scholarships for students to attend the conference.(NOTEWORTHY!) Furthermore, I loved the work submitted for first anthology in the series, “Trace the Stars,” that I felt I owed it to The Most Reverend and Learned Doctor Joe Monson, editor, to read it.

    So I did, and it was lovely. Hopefully, my review will appear, somewhere, today or tomorrow, pneumonia permitting.

  3. LTUE certainly sounds like something I’d love to attend, just to listen. Oh, well, it sounds like you enjoyed it, mostly. And the growth in the numbers of your readers doesn’t surprise me at all.

  4. Please release an expanded CALEXIT so I can get you my finished story. No more falling out of Attics. Lol

  5. Beans- The comment was by a gamer female who writes fantasy… She said that ‘gamers’ know more about combat because they PLAY it all the time… sigh

    TXRed- This was another author who ‘thought’ he knew what was going on…

    Pat- It is good, and yes, for a good cause!

    Rev- It’s fuN!

    Mack- Thinking about it…

  6. I have no trouble believing that you’re getting more recognition for your writing.

    I’ve read most of two series from you and will read more, given the chance.

  7. Hey Old NFO;

    I understand the scheduler thingie not scheduling like it was supposed to. And you are thinking about another “Calexit?”