Had to go get back x-rays yesterday…

Not a lot of fun, got twisted into positions I couldn’t get into when I was MUCH younger. Hurts to sit, hurts to stand, so you get a meme while I try to get my back unkinked…

And yes, EXTREMELY grumpy yesterday…


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  1. Us old farts require a certain level of pisstivity (and caffeine) to get moving in the morning.

  2. Yes, I can be grumpy, and I find that I can be several other dwarfs during the course of a single day.
    Sleepy springs to mind especially mid afternoon when I’m trying to catch up on my reading. I’ve finally resigned myself to the fact that getting ahead on my reading just isn’t going to happen.

  3. Sorry about the back issues. Have enough of my own to be able to “feel your pain”. As for the rest of the post, again similar thoughts ( Substituting Air Force for Navy of course). However, think I’ve gotten past “I don’t care” and am now at the “FOAD” response point.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    You Grumpy?…NEVER!!!, wouldn’t believe it.LOL Seriously though I feel your pain, climbing in airplanes is a game for the young, and my back reminds me of that fact after crawling out of a 737, lol.

  5. Hope your back gets unkinked quickly – and I wouldn’t figure you for sarcasm (he said sarcastically!)

  6. I understand, I think. Retirement physical, the doc says “you’re remarkably healthy…except for your back. What in God’s name did you do to your back?”

    “Uh, I did the things the military pays young men to do, doc.”

    Hope you feel better, soon.

  7. McC- Hell yes…

    John- LOL, good one, and I’m assuming ‘Doc’ is NOT one of them?

    Juvat- Yeah, we had that conversation, if I remember correctly…

    CNF- I’m sure ‘somebody’ makes them…

    Bob- :-p

    Tom- Ah shaddap… LOL

    RM- Exactly!!!

  8. Moving a load of hay bales for my neighbor tomorrow because he’s going in for back surgery in a couple of weeks. He’ll be out of commission for awhile after that.

    Parachuting out of perfectly good airplanes and riding bucking horses will do that to you.

    I’ll just need some Motrin and a shower beer to recover.

    Hoping you don’t need surgery.

  9. Real Navy vets like you and others here remember and follow their oaths of enlistment or commission.

    Tis a shame that a few handfuls, especially the creeps that surface in Mordor on the Potomac (as juvat and so many others call that pestilential hell – no, really, until modern A/C, it was noted for its malarial swamps…) have forgotten or never believed in their oaths.

    Good luck with your back. Sometimes the contortions they make you get for good film would cause pain to a gymnast.

  10. And it’s not like those contortions are made easier by performing them on a cold hard table.

  11. Really sorry to hear about the back, NFO. I’m going through some unpleasantness with my right hip.

    Bone/joint pain is NOT fun!

  12. Four months later I am still waiting for an MRI on my shoulder. As the MRI tech explained, the shoulder MRI is difficult. The shoulder has to be placed on the center of the platform then the platformed raised as high as it will go. With my broad shoulders I won’t fit into the MRI in that position hard up against the machine. So I need an ‘open MRI’ machine. Apparently three doctors cannot locate one. If I inadvertently use that arm to reach or lift the pain is instantaneous and severe. I’m basically one-armed.

    Oh, I won’t bother to tell y’all about the back problems.

    You’re not the only one. Being tough helps. It’s a badge of courage.

      • I don’t know what it is. Pain radiates across the scapula and to elbow and as far as forearm. I run a risk of over–using the other arm. Basically I’m tied to the dock to avoid phys activity. It might be auto-immune.

    • Just wait for the physical therapy sessions. 🙁

      I thought I knew what a 10 on the pain chart was, until I was in treatment for “frozen shoulder”. There are lofty regions above 10 which include “I can’t breathe”, “I’m blacking out”, “Please just kill me”, and “Mommy make the bad man stop”.

  13. Gerry- I hope not… But it’s probably on the horizon…

    Beans- Good points all…

    Skip- Agreed

    JMI- Oh hell yes… hard steel and COLD!

    drjim- Yours isn’t any fun either!

    r- Oh THAT sucks. Feel for ya. I know of one place in Denton, TX that has one of those.

    Ed- Snerk… if she sees this, you’re in TROUBLE!