A little humor today, all things considered… 🙂

My mother NEVER let ours get that bad, but I remember having to take towels and run them through the mangler then throw them over the line to dry for a bit…

And having to do this, because the book had to be turned back in. If it was tore up, your parents got to pay for it!!!

Free phone use? Not likely…

And last but not least…

And how many of your started looking at the moves to get the numbers in sequence???



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  1. I still put book covers on books that I want to protect. I did it in college (decades ago), and folks looked at me like I was a dolt. I worked as a custodian for the local school district at night, and they said I could have some covers. So I did. I still have a lot of those books and they are in pretty good shape.

    I make mine just like the picture, only with brown packing tape across the corners. It is still a good idea for hardbacks that you use.

    We had a little slide toy that had a picture on it. Kept us busy in the car on trips.

  2. I recall all of the above, but then I’m even older than you are, though not by much.

  3. .Ok, here we go again, the way I see it is,
    People like Frau Shaw Kenawe call themselves “progressive,” and they do so not just because it’s a nicer way of saying “liberal,” which has become a dirty word in the political sense, but they believe in the Socialist party which all of the progressives love and agreed with. The difference between progressivism and socialism is a very thin line. Both believe in the distribution of America’s wealth, as do the fascists and neo-fascists object to the term and . When you reduce and limit my rights and freedoms while increasing yours, or someone else’s , you are in fact using the Constitution for toilet paper.
    Bottom line: When we are up against some with people in a debate or better yet in a agreement who are so convinced of their own opinions and their moral superiority, and who want to change the world, and our way of life, we can’t help but to think of Eva Braun. Now I could be wrong but I don’t think I am. If I am, then please by all means enlighten me. But the Libtard Progressive Comrade Kenawe is the perfect Eva Braun of this century..

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Freezer like that, you just drag it outside and let it defrost for a week….LOL. And we used the brown paper bags we used to get from the grocery store to do the book covers.

  5. remember all, ditto what Bob said on the source of our book covers. Dial phones, slide rules in college, gas stations that were all full service where your oil was checked and windows cleaned (not smeared!), cars without seatbelts, products without warning labels, etc.

  6. Remember also when your phone was rented from the phone company, not owned by you?

    Oh, and leaving the phone off the hook tied up the line so no one could call in?

  7. Unfortunately I remember them all, which may make me old… thanks for the walk down memory lane.

  8. All but defrosting the freezer were very much a part of my youth.

  9. And walking to school without adult supervision.
    (The lack of supervision was both good and bad!)

    • We had a two mile walk thru some fields – but couldn’t walk through the cornfield from seeding until after harvest – but had some hellacious corn stalk/dirt clod fights on the way home. Didn’t dare do that walking to school! About a five mile bicycle ride on roads and trails – that sometimes took a LOT longer when we got sidetracked – pretty easy to do on a warm spring day. Nobody ever got seriously hurt, so the lack of adult supervision was a good thing – we sure learned a lot on our own.

  10. Cars with triangular vent windows and variable speed air conditioning (translation: cooler air comes in windows when going faster…)

    As to the rest of all of the above, yep. Remember it fondly.

    Heck, I remember textbooks (many school districts today don’t issue textbooks anymore.)

  11. All- You’re welcome! 🙂 Beans- 2/55 airconditioning doesn’t work real well in Texas in July… Just sayin…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  12. All of the above. I got to defrost the medication freezer when I worked air-ambulance. Took me six hours, because I cheated. Unplugged the thing (it was on furniture sliders) and wrestled it into a place where sunlight from the window would help bake the ice loose. Still a mess, though.

    I wish book covers were still in use. The cost of books . . .

  13. As a matter of fact, I defrosted a freezer like that just this past weekend. It’s a small older model refrigerator that I use in my home office for keeping drinks cold. It has a very small freezer compartment that never gets used. I have to defrost it about every couple of years or so.

    I also have an upright deep freeze in my garage that I have to defrost about every 5 years.

    PS: Born in 1954, I remember all of the above plus some stuff even older than that.

  14. The high beam button on the floor of the car, riding in the back of the pick up, or on the fender of the tractor, manual Royal typewriter, using carbon paper and making erasures when you made a mistake,ditto machines, and going to McDonald’s for a meal on less than a dollar.

  15. Vacuum-powered windshield wipers that stopped when you climbed a hill, (right when you needed them MOST.)

  16. I’ve got an older cheap ‘fridge in the office, had to defrost the freezer a couple days ago, so I could get more food stashed in it. Deadblow hammer and a butter knife, aided by a hairdrier, got it down to ~a 1/4″ of ice. No time for a complete defrost this time. It was close to looking like that photo…

    I remember all that history, because I lived it.