A couple to brighten your day…

PP filled the Hummingbird feeder… LOL

And Italians… To say they are ‘demonstrative’ is to put it mildly… Snerk…

And the quips and memes are getting… interesting…

“We are about three weeks away from knowing everyone’s true hair color.”

“Apparently, this year is being written by Stephen King.”

“You might as well go ahead and pronounce the ‘L’ in ‘salmon.’ Nothing matters anymore.”

“Day 2 without sports. Found a lady sitting on my couch. Apparently she’s my wife Seems nice.”

“Like a good neighbor, stay over there.”

“If you self-quarantine for your family’s safety, please be smart. I cannot afford to go to 15 baby showers in December.”

“Actually, it’s only quarantine if it comes from the quarantine region of France; otherwise it’s just sparkling isolation.”

“I’d hate to see a diarrhea virus break out right now. People would buy up all the nasal spray.”

On a photo of empty store shelves: “Y’all have Walmart looking like the Cleveland Browns’ trophy case.”

Atop a drawing of Keith Richards holding a cigarette: “Corona virus barometer. If he goes, we all go.”

With a photo of a guy wearing a medical mask and looking out a window: “Day 6 of no sports. Watching birds fight over worms. Cardinals lead the Blue Jays 3-1.”

Over a photo of a guy wearing a plain white T-shirt: “2020 NCAA Champions Shirts, $19.95.”

Above a photo of a hand with words written all over the palm in ink: “I washed my hands so much that my exam notes from 1995 resurfaced.”

“Back in the day, there was so much toilet paper that people used to literally string it up in the trees of their enemies.”

“Now that we have everyone washing their hands correctly .. next week, turn signals.”

“You know that stash of fast-food napkins in your glovebox? It’s their turn to shine.”

Over a photo of Rod Serling: “Imagine no restaurants, bars, concerts or sports. You just entered The Twilight Zone.”

Y’all have a good weekend and stay calm… This too will pass.


A couple to brighten your day… — 20 Comments

  1. I read this somewhere.
    When you told your significant other, “I will do that when I have time.” Well, now you will actually have to start doing what you promised.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    THose were pretty good, Some of them I have seen before, some of them are new. and you are correct…this too shall pass….that is what all that toilet paper you have been hoarding is good for 😀

  3. Thanks for the smile, and isn’t it funny how a lot of the memes these days are taking th piss out of those who think they are essential to our way of life? Another way of putting it – maybe some folks who talk about how terrible our country is will get some much needed perspective and realize that the ‘deplorables’ they look down on are more essential than they are in making this country work. But that’s probably asking for too much!

  4. Never really watched hummingbirds before, neat video, thank you.

    An Italian with a flamethrower? that’s a real concern, is he trying to learn how to cook ribs? wrong technique, Luigi.

    Some people will refuse to learn what the blinky light on the dash is for no matter what.

    Stay safe, everyone.

  5. that’s a bunch of hummers, reminds me to get mine out. stealing the quips for my FB if you don’t mind.

  6. I vaassss amussssssed! Und I haff two hummingbird feeders on my back porch. Also, seeds for juncos and blue jays.

    Hummingbirds are kinda noisy with the wings.

  7. We’ve had our hummgingbird ready for 3 weeks, and finally saw our first visitor last night.

    Those memes are a hoot. I love that folks can come up with such funny perspectives. For me it really relieves some of the stress.

  8. Keith stopped smoking.
    But you can recognize him, he will be the one without the mask on.
    Just as a side note on turn signals,
    no matter how hard I look at the light, I can’t hear it blinking.

  9. Missed one -when we set the clocks ahead who knew it would send us into the Twilight Zone.

    • When we change the clocks again, do things return to normal, get replaced with something even more bizarre?

  10. I can deal with this year being written by Stephen King. It’s when it starts to look like it’s being written by John Ringo that I’ll get really nervous.

  11. AuricTech: I’d rather have the zombies- you can see ’em and I have a lot of ammo.