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First up, a long awaited fourth novel in Holly Chism’s Modern Gods series- Gods and Monsters

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The blurb-

Here there be dragons…again, damn it.

Deshayna has her sanity back, and forces older than the gods have granted her a new purpose. Chronos, his freedom restored, fights for his sanity, and with it, a purpose in helping Deshayna—now called Shay—with hers. The gods are starting to pull together more…and it’s about time.

Millennia after the last dragons to threaten human existence have been hunted down, they’ve started to reappear, hinting to the surviving gods that something more sinister appeared first: Tiamat.

Instead of a confrontation, though, the gods—major, minor, and genus loci—are drawn into a frustrating hunt for a predator that flees rather than attempting to strike.

This is a fun read, well worth the time!

Pam Uphoff as a new book out in her Wine of the Gods series- War Party

The blurb-

Ice is a powerful magician and trained warrior. His day job, however, is political analyst, and it is once again election year.

Hopefully with fewer explosions and snipers than the last one, but in the Empire of the One, what sounds like a boring desk job is anything but.

Especially when al old flame gets pissed enough to jump into the presidential race.

Between assassins on the loose, duels to the death, and a sense of something nasty coming his way, Ice is going to be busy.

Last but not least, John C. Wright has the third book in the Lost on the Last Continent series out- Gods of Pangaea

The blurb-

Colonel Preston Lost didn’t think of himself as reckless. He believed in preparation, proper equipment, and patience in stalking the prey. But, in reality, he was not a cautious man. Having followed a spaceship into the black storm clouds above the Bermuda Triangle, he flew through a time portal to the end of days and crash-landed on Pangaea Ultima with few supplies and no way of returning home.

Lost now finds himself embroiled in a battle for dominance of not only the world, but all of time as well, and he is forced to concede that—just perhaps—he is a little reckless after all.

The Eighth Men have come, bringing the Fifth Men and all of their First Man fighting slaves, to conquer Threno, the City of Swift Death, and they have come with overwhelming force. Their dreadnought alone would be sufficient to defeat the entire Corsair Navy, and they have more. Much more.

The only things Lost has going for him are a broken-down machine from countless eons past, a whispered prophecy from an Atlantean girl, and his hope that the Watchers’ will err. It’s not much, but Lost really wants to kiss the girl at the end of the battle, so he’ll have to find a way to make it work!


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  1. They all sound fun – thanks for the recommendations. But…I noticed that “War Party” is Book 51 – I’m not sure I could stick with a series for that long!

  2. Dave- Point… Pam’s been writing this series for a while! 🙂

  3. Well – you made a sale for Pam Uphoff – I just grabbed Book #1 in the Wine of the Gods series. There’s no way I could ever not start a series at the beginning. Just not made that way.