Ya know, sometimes I ‘really’ wonder about people and their ‘intelligence’…

But Twitworld is truly the gift that keeps on giving…

With the stoopid, that is…

Of course Farcebook isn’t any better…

Sigh… One has to wonder. I’ll be in the corner crying for humanity and the ability to actually think and communicate civilly!!!


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  1. Which is why I use neither Twitter or Facebook. Haven’t been on FB for years and never on Twit. (Which IMHO is a perfect description for the vast majority of its users)

  2. Juvat- Agreed, but I kinda have to be on farcebook to advertise my books… sigh

    WSF- Yep, keyboard commandos…

  3. This is why I avoid FB and TW. Harshes my mellow, doncha know!

  4. I got FB and similar social media accounts for advertising purposes. Then I started reading FB, which seemed harmless enough, until my first cousin once removed chipped a tooth over something I posted and dismissed me with I’ve had enough of you!

    I’m hurt. Wounded, I say. My own first cousin once removed – who would have ever thought it.

    I only pointed out that he wasn’t posting anything original – just advertising blurbs from Trump Never – Democrats Forever! Then I discovered he couldn’t write well. Neither could his FB friends, one of whom I mildly chastised for castigating me using broken English.

    Being a music major (he plans to teach music to children in public school; just wait until he finds out that each child gets a noise maker), I thought it would be nice if he posted one of his compositions. Little did I know that he can’t compose.

    Poor ignorant old and worn out me. I think I’ll start happy hour early today.

  5. All of us who grew up in the 50s & 60s … heck, anyone born before 1990 … hoped humanity would grow up and advance. We were promised flying cars and smart homes by 1990.

    Instead, we have to teach Neanderthals how to wash their hands. Sigh …

  6. Twitter and Facebook violate two of the fundamental tenets of our legal system.

    That is the ability to face one’s accusers and to have a fair and impartial trial.

    Instead, T and FB both use secret informers, corporate Stasi, narcs, Star Chambers, and all of the other tools of… ‘socialism’ in any of it’s varied forms and names.

    Democratic Socialism
    Socialist Communism
    Universal Socialism
    Universal Communism
    And so forth and so on.

    Surprisingly, these are also the tools and techniques used by the DNC, the FBI, the Justice Department against good people since at least Woodrow Wilson’s administration, and coming in favor of every democratic administration since (yes, even ‘sainted’ JFK.)

    Especially seen in the ‘Swamp’s’ attacks on President Trump and members of his administration.

    • And thus, I don’t use either. This is about as much social networking that I do.

      When I was working at the PD, way too many cops got fired or harassed out of their jobs due to outsiders checking said cop’s social media profile and finding something to take offense to. There were/are groups of people who absolutely enjoy thrashing someone’s reputation, for FUN. Sick. Sick people.

  7. I don’t Face and I don’t Twit. But from what little I have seen when reading some of the quoted stuff from them on news sites, I think it is a heck of good idea that there is (or seems to be) a character limit for the stupidity.

    Several decades ago I wondered if those few Letters To the Editor that showed up in the newspaper were very carefully chosen by the editorial staff. Now I am absolutely sure of it. Their wastebaskets must have been full of some of the crap we now see online.

  8. With apologies to Ted Weems and Alan Sherman:

    o/` Headaches… Headaches…
    Humans give me headaches! o/`

  9. Apparently someone on FB has taken it upon themselves to flag people who link to posts on my blog, since I don’t have a FB account for them to flag. I think I’m flattered.

  10. It is almost certainly a sarcastic comment by someone who know exactly what Mr. King’s relationship is with The Stand.

  11. ASM826 – I doubt it is sarcastic, although it could be. People are really that stupid and obtuse. As an example, I read not long ago about an older gentleman in a coffee house in NYC who overheard a conversation by two millennials – boy and girl – who were discussing the plot of one of the Star Wars movies. They couldn’t agree on a plot point or some such detail, talking about what the writers might have intended. The gentleman leaned over and said, “Excuse me – I couldn’t help but overhear your discussion. Perhaps I could be of help?” The boy sneered and the girl rolled hers eyes and said, “We don’t need any old Boomer to mansplain things to us – mind your own business!”
    The old Boomer happened to be the screenwriter for that particular installment of the franchise! The idiots never knew what opportunity they missed…