Here we go again…

Friday night was some nasty weather, softball sized hail 3 miles north of us, tornadoes to the south…

And we restarted our weekly dinners last night.

And as of 2200 last night, this was about to hit us

So… go read the folks on the sidebar, I didn’t have time to get a post up by the time everybody left and this crap showed up…

Regular blogging will resume tomorrow.



Here we go again… — 13 Comments

  1. Our turn under the gun is tonight, but the way the dryline has been working, as with yesterday, we will watch the other half of town get wet and wave at the storms as they go away.

  2. From 1963-1966 I traveled with a KC-135 Flight Sim. on a Rail Car (very nice set-up).We made 30 day stops at several different bases, several times each year. We were not at Sheppard AFB when the Tornado hit W.F. in (I guess) 1963, but it passed right thru the area our Flight Sim. would have been parked, had we been there. Somewhere I have photo’s of what was left. A latrine was in a metal building nest to out Flt. Sim. parking spot on a Railroad Spur. The only thing left of that building was one Commode bolted to the concrete floor.

  3. Hope you folks are okay. Our turn in the barrel Monday.

  4. Hope y’all fared OK. The possibility of Tornadoes or other severe Wx in N. TX is a regular occurrence, but you never really get “used to it”. BTDT… the one that hit the WF area in 1979 comes to mind as especially bad and was an F4. Many commodes on slabs after that one. Jumped over my aunts’ houses, they were very lucky.

  5. All- Thanks for the comments. Last night was a bunch of sound and fury, and 1/4 inch of rain in a half hour. Woody, THAT would have gotten your attention! We had a tornado take out our pasture fence back in the 60s, so I’ve seen it up close. NOT fun.

  6. We here in North Central Florida, land of the conservative voter except in Alachuacountystan, are expecting rolling bands of thunderstorms for the next week, at least.

    We need the rain, and I like the noise. Well, as long as it doesn’t decide to drop God’s Artillery right on me as I open the door. Teleporting through walls and doors and stuff just hurts too much. Been there, done that, had to clean up the mess afterwards

    Hail, on the other hand, can go beat up on some more deserving or disturbing state.

  7. I saw several tornadoes growing up in Illinois. Dad would herd us down to the basement, and although our house never suffered any damage, we saw plenty in other parts of town.

    50* and rainy here today, but just nice, gentle rain. We got .6″ in about 4 hours, so not quite getting dumped on, but a nice rain.

    Good to hear you didn’t get clobbered.

  8. Thanks to your sterling example the Smarter Half’s spreadsheet on “Where To Retire” now includes a Wx column based on How Often The Area Is Mentioned On The Weather Channel.

  9. My friend, that sort of thing is too close for comfort. Incoming hale the size of softballs is simply artillery.

    My prayers for your wellbeing are always there, Jim.

  10. Yeah, we got the same. Over 5″ (5 inches in 15 minutes!) Tornadoe 15 miles away. April weather in May….

  11. drjim- Yep, never fun…

    Stretch- That’s not all bad, just sayin…

    LL- Thank you!

    B- Oh yeah…