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First up is Dorothy Grant with a new novel- Going Ballistic

As always, click on the cover for the amazon link to the book!

The blurb-

When her plane tries to come apart at apogee during a hijack, ballistic airline pilot Michelle Lauden handles the worst day she could imagine. After getting down without losing any passengers or crew, though, she finds her troubles have just begun!

The country she’s landed in has just declared independence from the Federation. The Feds intended her passengers to be the first casualties in the impending war – and they’re not happy she’s survived to contradict their official narrative in the news.

The local government wants to find her to give her a medal. The Feds are hunting her to give her an unmarked grave. As they both close in, Michelle’s running out of options and time. The only people able to protect her are an accident investigation team on loan from the Federation’s enemies… the same enemies who sent her hijackers in the first place.

And they have their own plans for her, and the country she’s in!

I got to alpha read it, really enjoyable!

Next is Nathan Brindle, also known as the Fuzzy Curmudgeon with a short story- Saving the Spring


The blurb-

Jack Randall knew immediately something was off when he pulled up to the old roadhouse.

Little did he know that crossing paths that night with the establishment’s beautiful bartender and her handsomely-rugged boyfriend/cook would lead to him recalling his former life as a god – or fighting a rematch with the god who had stolen his memories.

Oops… Wrong book… fixed! Last but not least, Alma Boykin has another book in the Familiar Tales series out- Horribly Familiar

The blurb-

Love, romance, curses, and . . . chaperones?

Nothing aside from magic comes easily for two shadow mages. André Lestrang relocates to Riverton just in time for the summer humidity and storm season. He and his fiancée Lelia Chan struggle to balance work, magic, their relationship, and his Army career. When someone sends a magical package bomb to one of their friends, a chain reaction of trouble ensues.

Add in two Familiars determined to ensure that their mages don’t get “in trouble” before the wedding, the usual mischief a ring-tailed lemur, kit fox, wolverine, and others can devise, and a dash of new responsibilities to the magical community. Lelia and André discover that the summer starts to feel . . . Horribly Familiar.

I’ll recommend all three of them!


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  1. Thanks for the update on the release of Horribly Familiar.
    It’s a great read, and a fine addition to the Familiar books.
    Well written, interesting characters drive well-crafted stories, of people worth having over to dinner.

  2. John- You’re welcome. I had to correct the post, as I didn’t see it last night… sigh…

  3. Decisions, decisions. I’m an hour and a half from finishing The Rift and Horribly Familiar is jumping up and down. This might be the first time I make a Familiar book wait; I just hope Smiley doesn’t take offense. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the list to add to the backlog.
    I must be reading slower or squirrel (the sun is out, and so am I)…