In three snapshots…

From pure analog, computed on slide rules, to massively parallel computing…

And phase one of the Dragon testing was completed at 1030 CDT today with a hard lock on the ISS.

And courtesy of Comrade Misfit, a little computer game to see how good you are flying the capsule, HERE.



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  1. It’s been cool watching the technology (r)evolution over the years and seeing Moore’s Law at work. Ever read Toffler’s book, Future Shock? And second McC on the work needed to make the complex easy to use.

  2. Anyone else catch themselves looking for the backup “sixpack” in tha last image?

    • *raises paw* Yo. Although I suspect “needle, ball, alcohol” doesn’t work so well in almost 0G. Or outside of Earth’s magnetic field.

  3. Bad- It’s not ‘that’ hard… LOL

    McC- Oh so true!

    Tom- Agreed!

    Orvan- Yep…

    TXRed- LOL, I think not, probably even less out there!

    WSF- Good question, I’ll bet the DO have one.

  4. OBTW, the ‘easy’ way to do the Dragon approach is to get roll, pitch, and yaw to 0, then kick up the approach spd, knowing there will be a slight down and left drift… Knock the speed off inside 50 meters and stop the drift before it starts.

  5. And the Dragon cockpit isn’t an overlay on 70’s and 80’s technology, like the Shuttle’s cockpit was. The whole ‘dashboard’ hinges up and out of the way for loading and unloading purposes, something never seen before also.

    Crazy good stuff. I like that besides making it work, the teams at SpaceX have made it all work in style. Like their service gantry, enclosed and air conditioned, so no water, bugs, snow, and leaves will get into the capsule and the teams can work in comfort. Everything is rounded edges and smooth transitions, nothing to catch yourself on.

    Very nice.

    As to that ‘game’, well, yeah, no. I have enough problems piloting virtual aircraft with a joystick.

    And for those pilots and navigators out there, did you notice the tablet computers that both astronauts had velcroed to their left knees that had the checklists?

    The capsule tour video is a good thing to check out also.

  6. Wow, you don’t seen too many interior shots of the Block 1 Apollo CM.

  7. Tried the game. I’ll never be a space pilot though I can still hope to get a ride to the stars someday.

  8. I docked successfully, and I attribute that to my 15 minutes at the yoke of a Cessna, and a lot of video games.
    Lest my head swell, I was trying to land the shuttle using a simulator at the Museum of The Air Force and it would have been a bad day for all involved.

    Pretty cool little game.

    • I failed only because my rate of closure was < 0.2 m/s. I guess I should have read the manual. I've got several thousand hours of stick/yoke time. Checks and flows, who needs 'em?

  9. The guys may not want to come back from the ISS for a while. It’s a little confusing down here.