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Remember how ‘contract tracing’ would be effortless and perfect?

The Tennessee Department of Health said about 300 people were incorrectly traced as COVID-19 cases due to a coding error.

Oopsie… Full article, HERE.

And there’s this story of tyranny in Kansas…

Enter the Linn County Health Department. Their contract tracers asked the sick one about gatherings he had attended – the July 4 co-celebrators were inventoried.

The contract tracers called the Peerys. The Peerys reported no fevers, no coughs, no symptoms of Covid-19. They asked to be tested. Their request was denied – not enough tests to go around, they were told.

Read the ‘rest of the story’, HERE.


Y’all have a safe and quiet weekend!


Random ‘stuff’… — 10 Comments

  1. The central hole in the concrete base is missing. That wind mill will never pump water like that…

  2. Sometimes fighting a rotten system involves more than mere words.

    Since the family met their lawyer, and the lawyer met the judge, the judge must now enter quarantine. Else this is all “arbitrary and capricious”.

  3. The Linn County line is just a couple miles away from me. They’ve only had a few cases of the Wuhan Virus and no fatalities. The same goes for the county I live in but that doesn’t seem to stop those in power.

  4. STx/TOS- LOL, it’s a weathervane, not a pump, but nice catch!

    McC- Yep.

    Jim- No, it never does. Get a little power and it goes to their heads.

  5. Okay, this occurred to me in the middle of the night, so, well, not totally coherent maybe.

    We have shut down the world for a seasonal cold that is acting like a seasonal flu.

    Contact Tracing. Enforced by LAW quarantines. Denial of services. The whole nine yards.

    Yet AIDS, which has a much higher mortality rate, we weren’t ‘allowed’ to contact trace. Enforce quarantines. Deny services. Even arrest people who purposely passed (and still pass) the virus because they were or are malicious little (word for moments of copulation that start with the letter ‘f.’)

    Semi-real health crisis – EVERYONE SIT ON THEIR HANDS.

    Real health crisis – YOU CAN’T STOP US BECAUSE IT’S DISCRIMINATION (to force people with unhealthy lifestyles (drug users) or people who are indiscriminate with their reproductive units to actually take responsible action with their unresponsible lives.)

    Okay. I get it.


    If Teh Covidiocracy only hit Teh Gays or Teh sexually flagrant or Teh junkies, the world would continue to go on.

    But a plague so virulent that it doesn’t even touch intravenous drug users, or the homeless, or homeless iv drug users, or the sexually flagrant who already have compromised immune systems from AIDS has shut us down.



    (checking tinfoil hat fit)…

    It’s all about politics and ruining OrangeManBad and sucking up to the ChiComs.


    Real Health Crisis… or… Manufactured BS crisis?


    • That would be ‘AIDS, which has a much higher mortality rate amongst active infected cases…’

      Dangit, I’ll learn to proofread… never?

  6. Neighborhood associations go all Trigglypuff over ham radio masts, but fake windmill yard art is charming.

    see also: “We don’t want any ugly cell towers in our neighborhood! And we demand that you provide us with a better signal!”

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