The politics is out in the open now…

Out of MD…

However, the governor is a Pub… so…

Earlier this week, the Montgomery County health officer issued a statement saying the county would be requiring all schools, including private and faith-based, to remain closed to in-person instruction until at least October 1st. Dr. Travis Gayles claimed all of the decisions were based on “science and data.” The move comes amid pressure from teachers unions to keep schools close while simultaneously preventing parents from seeking alternative options.

Full article, HERE.

And there’s this…

Leaders in education, politics and other areas gathered in suburban Evanston Sunday to ask that the Illinois State Board of Education eliminate history classes at schools statewide.

Full article, HERE from MSN no less!

And some people forget the Intarwebz is forever…

And there is this study from France on HCQ, HERE.


The politics is out in the open now… — 15 Comments

  1. Speaking of politics: Released July 21, the draft platform contains the following passage:

    Democrats will enact universal background checks, end online sales of guns and ammunition, close dangerous loopholes that currently allow stalkers and some individuals convicted of assault or battery to buy and possess firearms, and adequately fund the federal background check system. We will close the “Charleston loophole” and prevent individuals who have been convicted of hate crimes from possessing firearms. Democrats will ban the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines. We will incentivize states to enact licensing requirements for owning firearms and “red flag” laws that allow courts to temporarily remove guns from the possession of those who are a danger to themselves or others. We will pass legislation requiring that guns be safely stored in homes. And Democrats believe that gun companies should be held responsible for their products, just like any other business, and will prioritize repealing the law that shields gun manufacturers from civil liability.

    • So much for: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

      I mean, what part of “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED” includes, background checks and all that other nonsense do these pustulent boils on the festering end of an encephalitic wart hog don’t understand.

      Just the restrictions on who they think should be armed are bad enough, then there’s the whole product liability issue from incorrect or illegal use (the companies should only be sueable if the gun doesn’t work or works too well from a design and manufacturing issue, not from some thug using a stolen gun that hasn’t been cleaned and spent more time jammed in people’s crotches than a Thai bang-bang girl.

      Some people. Yeeesh!

  2. A repub can get in the governor’s office by splitting the vote in the DPR Montgomery County. Howard County splits, and that’s enough votes to get elected with the outlying counties. It’s constantly drawing to an inside straight. However, if you win, good luck getting anything undone. All the line offices and most of the legislature are deep blue. In TX terms, think Austin or Houston with a red county on either side of the large blue pimple, and that’s all you got.

  3. The truth about HCQ was known from pert near Day 1 of western medicine involvement.

    And was savagely repressed, after Impeachment failed.

    There you go. HCQ showed ‘promise’ according to news reports when it looked like Trump was getting the axe. And then…

    Fauci, the magic governors and mayors (like in Broward and Dade Counties in Florida) who ordered sick people to go to nursing homes rather than hospitals for treatment, all should be charged with murder.

    But, well, democrats from at least as early as Woodrow Wilson’s administration (hwack, ptoooie) have enjoyed denying life-saving treatments to people they deem unworthy, or just ending their ability to breed or to live. Kinda like… real Nazis (who, gee, gosh-darned it, got some of their ideas from… Woodrow Wilson’s administration.) Grrrr.

  4. Hogan’s move was a shock because he’s a RINO never-Trumper who is eyeing 2024.

    Been betting for weeks that Fauci has a financial stake in a vaccine as well as a book deal in the works.

  5. Why Not Hydroxycloroquine?
    We don’t need a lockdown.
    We don’t need masks.
    We could restore our economy.
    Churches could revert to previous occupancy.
    You couldn’t sell a vaccine.
    We would vote in November.
    Trump would be re-elected.

  6. Remember that Hogan in Maryland is a Rino and gets the majority of his campaign donations from Montgomery County residents who work in the DC swamp and need “school day care” for their kids.

  7. Just outrageous.And guess what, citizens are getting all militia in the face of “defund the police.” Who can blame them.

    The Dems deserve a wipeout at the polls in November, let’s see it, please.