This is ‘interesting’…

There was an article in The Atlantic that came out Thursday anonymously sourced that said Trump was dismissive of troops while on the Normandy celebration.

When President Donald Trump canceled a visit to the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery near Paris in 2018, he blamed rain for the last-minute decision, saying that “the helicopter couldn’t fly” and that the Secret Service wouldn’t drive him there. Neither claim was true.

Full article, HERE. As it turns out, the weather was considered bad enough by the Marine One OIC to recommend hot flying… And it was a minimum of 2 hours by car, but General Kelly ended up going as the administration representative. Numerous people have come out, including John Bolton who obviously has NO love for the president, saying it’s not true.

BUT, strangely enough the Dems/Joe Biden were out there this morning with a ‘scathing’ review of Trump’s ‘lack of fitness’ to be the president.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden offered an emotional rebuke of President Trump on Friday following an anonymously-sourced report in The Atlantic accusing the president of disparaging dead military veterans as “losers” and “suckers.”

Full article, HERE.

Now I’m just a dummy living in north Texas, but it is kinda interesting to me that the Dems had enough time to get a script together for Joe to go out there and ‘get angry’ at Trump, ‘qualifying’ his statements by saying, “If this is true,” when it had already been debunked.

At this point it seems as if the Dems are just throwing s**t at the wall hoping ‘something’ will stick. Every thing they’ve tried thus far has failed, the Russia collusion hoax, the impeachment, Covid response, etc. And now they’ve enlisted Cuomo to spew hatred at Trump, blaming his failure on the Covid in NY on Trump when back in March he was praising him for the administration response.

Also, per John Richardson, over at No Lawyers, only Guns and Money some interesting things are going on with respect to ads that Everytown is running in NC and IA, HERE.   Not even mentioning guns??? Wow!!!

And Fecesbook, gofundme, and now Discover Card have decided Kyle Rittenhouse is a mass murderer, and are preventing any positive mention or donations to his defense fund. What happened to presumption of innocence???





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  1. Facebook seems to be going to great lengths to disallow any positive mentions of Kyle Rittenhouse, to the point of permanently deactivating the accounts of people who do so, without any warning and without apparent recourse.

    • Why does anyone stay with Faceplant anyway? Aren’t there any other options? BTW, I don’t do social media. But doesn’t make sense to me. Just as I try my damnedest to avoid anything g0000gleplex related. Just say NO.

  2. I’d like to say I’m mildly surprised at FakeBook’s actions . . . but I’d be lying.

  3. You almost had me. I almost went to FB. Then, before I could, I remembered why I don’t.

    Meanwhile, my sister, a generally conservative person, is up in arms because Trump “supported Q-Anon”. Having no idea what she was talking about, I went and looked. I’m not seeing “support” in what he said. I heard “I don’t know much about them” but “they support me, and that’s nice” and “apparently they love America” and “don’t like seeing our cities being destroyed by Democrats”. So the media has now turned my sister against the President, which presumably was the goal of the question all along.

    • One question with regard to whether ‘supporting Q-Anon’ is a bad thing is what exactly they hold to be correct.

      It is the conspiracy theory about satanic pedophiles.

      Frankly, looking at the objective reality, if your sister can’t see that public school sex ed is mighty close to pedophilia, and that leftism or Marxist-Leninism is a heresy of Christianity, and as such might be considered similar to Satanism, what kind of conservative is she?

  4. The goal is to find people, like Heresolong’s sister, that will only listen to the press accounts and not think any further about who benefits, what their motives are, etc. Hope there are more who look at these antics, see them for what they are and swing to Trump’s side. Expect more of these ‘bombshell stories’ to surface between now and election day.

    • Yes, a story about something that “happened” in 2018? Words of disrespect for the dead of ww1? Anyone who knows Pres. Trump knows that does not fit with his character. It is desperation on the part of the Left to grab anything and everything to raise a stink in the next 60 days before the elections. That is what it is all about. Lies. Nothing but lies.

  5. Arizona Republic headline this morning:

    “Trump reportedly insulted McCain”

    Story underneath continues in this vane.

    Trump didn’t respect him very much. Lots of us in Arizona didn’t respect him very much.

    • I would have thought disrespecting McStain was a good thing? Or have I been doing it wrong all along?

    • If I have the chance, I will visit his grave site and piss on it. Oh, wait, he is probably buried with the real heroes at Arlington Nat. Cemetery? What a fraud that guy was.

  6. Hey Old NFO;

    When I heard the story, It didn’t sound right, it totally didn’t track with what the guy has been doing for the past 4 years, and the “Atlantic” mentioning *Anonymous* sources for a story 2 years ago 2 months before an election designed to outrage a reliable base for the President? It don’t pass the smell test. If you hate the president, you will believe the story, I have seen stuff out there that already debunks it, and it is being used to debunk it with others. so hopefully it gets out there and further damages the reputation of the media so when more *Gotcha* crap comes out people will be less likely to buy off on it.

  7. They’re also kicking all of the organizations that are against pedophilia off because now that California has legalized it, it’s HATE SPEECH!!! to be against child molesters.

  8. Thanks, I don’t get a lot of news these days. Have completely stopped watching all TV news, even local, and have suspended my FB account. All this to keep my temper from boiling over. Nov. 3 may be another matter as I will be wanting news then and I will need news for OPSEC then I am sure.

  9. Let’s see… The president who picked up a Marine’s hat… The president who throws a correct salute… The president who has been nothing but gracious and polite to servicemembers… The president who has snuck out to Andrews to be there to receive the bodies…

    Disrespected the dead at Normandy?

    Does Not Compute.

    Therefore – it must all be a big fat lie. And if that incident, so easily checked and confirmed yeah or nay, was proven false so quickly, what else has the media been saying about Trump that’s false? Well, besides everything…

    Jerks. Okay, I can handle a news media not portraying him in a positive light by only reporting negative things, but manufacturing bullscat by the metric butt-load and publishing it as news?

    And ‘anonymous?’ What, is that the new name for speculative bullscat one pulls out of one’s arse?

    As to Facebook, back when it started becoming popular, the bidness I worked for (a police department) told everyone to get the heck off of facebook as the bad people in the public were using it to jack up officers on false charges. At the same time they were telling people to get on facebook as the public needs to see the gentle side of cops. Meanwhile we were mining facebook for photos of local thugs (usually out on probation with restrictions about hanging around other probationers and felons and alcohol and drugs and guns and…) hanging around other restricted individuals and doing alcohol, drugs, flashing guns and money…

    No respect for facebook. And it’s only gotten worse.

    • People, find the article and read it. It wasn’t about WW2 and wasn’t at Normandy. It was at a cemetery for WW1 dead. I forget the name of the place but a lot of wrong info being thrown around here.

      • And it was something that “reportedly” happened in 2018.

  10. I saw the article. A few too many “reportedlys” for it to pass the sniff test.

    A source can lie through their ass and still get published if he/she says what the propagandist wants to hear.

  11. John McCain-
    -Was a hero when he strapped into his A-4 and flew into harm’s way.
    -But was greedy and corrupt when he became a politician. (Keating 5).
    This president isn’t yet enough of a politician to know he needs a filter. He shoulda just kept his mouth shut about McCain and he’da done just fine… (see the Arizonan’s comment above.)
    Ya do have to wonder why this kerfuffle didn’t come out when it happened. Why now? (Rhetorical).
    The rats, snakes, alligators, and lizards of the swamp are getting desperate, as was expected.

    • We talking the same John McCain who caused the fire on the Forrestal? Killed how many people? Whose Daddy came and bailed him out again and again and again?
      I met a former POW once, when I was in the Air Force. He didn’t have one nice word to say about McCain, but he sure had a lot of bad ones.
      And this was at a Dining In, in front of the entire wing.

    • I can’t prove whether or not Trump said those things. As a a Viet vet, though, I can guarantee you I thought I was a sucker for being there! Moreover, loser and sucker are far better things than what the democratic activists called us Vets when we returned to CONUS. How about calling out the democratic politicians who were responsible for “defunding” the ARVN, and causing 3 million deaths in SE Asia? Raised as a dem, it only took me a couple months in-country to realize the errors in that philosophy.

  12. All- Thanks for the comments, and yes, it DOES smell of desperation…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  13. And poof, just like that, the Atlantic’s faggy little non-story was forgotten.

    Stand by for more of the same on a weekly basis till Nov 3, then daily if 45 wins.

    What evil mountebanks.

  14. LSP- They’re now running ads on it… sigh And no, it’s not going to stop anytime soon!

  15. I gave up on The Atlantic some years back. Don’t trust them. Won’t believe them.