Veterans/VA issues…

Trump and Biden were asked questions about what they are/will do for vets.

In anticipation of the upcoming presidential election, Military Times partnered with a dozen veterans organizations earlier this year to ask the major party candidates about their views on key issues facing the veterans community.

Full article, HERE.  And a list of takeaways, HERE, from Military Times.

Go read them and use the information to inform your voting.

I’m not going to push you to vote one way or the other, but please go vote! We need to exercise our right!


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  1. I voted yesterday afternoon in person. Was given a cotton swab to push the touchscreen to register my vote. Took some patience as the screen sometimes would not accept a choice. Their were 29 candidates on the ballot and no propositions. Most of the local races were unopposed – not surprising as our area runs about 80% Blue.

    I think this past few months, I’ve seen more Red on campaign signs, vehicle flags and stickers. I’m hopeful for ‘Four More Years’ but not counting on it.

    So Vote. Do what you can with what you have. You cannot change demographics, but you can make your voice heard.

  2. Unopposed is a part of the problem, not because of who will be elected, assuming that is a given, but because prospective voters never then hear the opposing arguments.

    In BC, where I grew up, the Conservative Party of Canada has not had a legislative seat since 1975 and is never discussed when election time rolls around. The question is always whether the Liberals, the New Democratic Party, or the Greens will take power. They are all preaching the same sermon, at varying levels of intensity. Global warming, anti-racism, support for the homeless, low income housing, etc.

    Needless to say, the Greater Vancouver area is not a place to which I have any interest in returning.

  3. President Trump did more to help veterans through his reform of the VA than anyone else that I can think of. The VA now works. I recall years ago when it was simply a place to avoid.

    I don’t know if a subsequent president in two weeks or four years will roll back the Trump reforms. Tough to forecast.

    I’m not a single issue voter. It’s not just the VA; who was bought by the Chinese for $1.5 billion, or Ukraine, or Russia; who supports the Second Amendment and the rule of law; Who favors an open border with medical benefits, housing preferences and welfare for illegal aliens; who is cogent and who is painfully senile.

  4. Even before taking a deep dive into the articles, let’s see if I remember…

    Obamski-Biden – wanted to take away guns from vets, forced even worse conditions upon VA hospitals, wanted to take away more rights from vets if vets needed help with finances, openly called vets as more of a major threat to the USA than islamic terrorists…

    Trump-Pence – tried to fire a shite-pot full of incompetent VA officials, doctors, nurses, janitors but was blocked by… Obamski-appointed judges. Tried to reform the VA several times but was blocked by… Obamski-appointed judges. Finally got through several reforms including being able to go to a private non-VA affiliated doctor on the VA’s dime. And finally managed to get rid of some of the worst of the VA’s offenders. Treats vets like humans and the good citizens they are, treats bad vets like the anomaly they are.

    Just from my recollecting, I’d say that Trump-Pence is beaucoup better than Biden-Harris (just from pre VP Biden and Obamski-Biden.)

    But I’ll dive into the articles, also.

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Amazing how this stuff isn’t being reported on in the lame-stream-media.

  5. WSF- Yep, and he’s NOT beholding to anybody other than the public, so the pols can’t control him…

    Beans- Of course not… TDS/Orangemanbad…

  6. The VA has been good to me so far. Kidney stone procedure that would have cost me 18 grand if I’d had to pay out of pocket. And treatment for Hep C, which I contracted from my military service. I figure that would have cost me over 200 grand out of pocket. (I had the older 3 drug treatment that lasted a year, not the newer one drug treatment that’s over in 12 weeks.

  7. Clicking that link to the Military Times I get Creepy Uncle Badtouch yammering in a pop-up, and videos of him at each “topic”.

    (They should have asked him about his son, Cokey McStripperbang, getting booted from the navy.)

  8. You may have already seen it, but it may put a smile on some faces:
    “If street signs are any indication here, Biden will finish THIRD behind Trump, and ‘Firewood for Sale'”.
    My care at the VA has been friendly, prompt, and efficient.
    Guess who we voted for?
    And agreed, Navy…
    Get off your butt and vote, folks!

  9. “I’m not going to push you to vote one way or the other, but please go vote! We need to exercise our right.”

    Isn’t it our civic duty to vote?
    As for the VA I’m at a satellite care clinic basically for medicare plan d that bush put into law. No complaints except waiting on the phone for someone to answer.

  10. I’m voting for Trump/Pence. I’m voting the straight Republican ticket, and I’m voting AGAINST any and all tax levies.

    I’m enjoying the comments here. In particular:

    For years the Democrats talked. In his first term, President Trump has walked.
    – WellSeasonedFool

    If street signs are any indication here, Biden will finish THIRD behind Trump, and ‘Firewood for Sale’.
    – Greybeard

    Love one liners!

  11. Reading Biden’s responses and I can’t help but think, “In the 47 years you’ve been in office, you didn’t lift a finger to address any of the things you claim you now care about.”

    I have no confidence he’ll suddenly spring into action now.

    I’ve seen some improvement in the responsiveness of the VA in real time in the past 4 years and that’s with 30 years of dealing with them and my service connected.

    Two Bushes, a Clinton and an Obama did less for me in 26 years than Trump’s done in 4.

    If nothing else, I can get a flu shot for free now without an appointment wait which spanned flu season before I could get the vaccination.

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