Have you…

Done the ‘deed’?

If you haven’t, please go do so today. It’s your RIGHT and PRIVILEGE as an American!


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  1. The wife and i are leaving in 10 minutes to get to the polls for the 0700 opening. RED WAVE!

  2. I went early a couple weeks ago. My work has a way of screwing up election day.

  3. Yep, 3rd day of early voting in Texas. Line was only about 10 people deep, it took 20 minutes to cast my vote and I was gone. Keeping my fingers crossed for a good result.

    Four years ago, I stayed up until past 2 am to hear Hillary’s concession speech. Woke up 3 hours later for work, totally juiced as if I slept all night – damn, THAT was a good day ! Amazing what good news will do for your attitude. I’m hoping for a 2nd dose tonight. I’m optimistic but not counting chickens before hatching.

  4. I’ll be doing just that in a couple hours. Elections have consequences. If you don’t vote, those can be dire.

    • Consequences… You think Hills will put another champagne bottle through a big screen TV again this year?

  5. I hope you voted the Right way to Trump the competition.

    I voted friday of the first week of early. Tried to vote often but I had identification and that prevented me. If I hadn’t had ID I could have probably voted again.

  6. Get out there and vote! It annoys the Left, and that’s reason enough.

    You especially need to go to the polls today if you live in a Democrat controlled area. The mail-in ballot that you never saw was most likely helpfully filled out and returned in your name by loyal Democrat volunteers.

  7. Oregon is vote-fraud by mail, so when the ballots got to our mail drop late Saturday, I got them Monday, we filled them out, and they went to the county clerk’s office on Tuesday.

    Voted a week before the property tax bill showed up (same place to pay), but it wouldn’t have changed my vote.

  8. California is fraud-by-mail only this year as well. My wife and I filled out our ballots and returned them to the registrar a couple of weeks ago, to limit the number of hands fondling them.

    Seeing several “Trump caravans” here in the Wild, Wild West has definitely been refreshing! They even stged one in Beverly Hills!!! Of course, the local cops have been hassling the caravans for things like being too close to a polling place, “unlawful assembly” because a counter-“protester” showed up and picked a fight, and the like. Funny; they never seem to do this with blm’s “peaceful protesters…” Still, I heard the Right’s voices loud and clear this year! That alone is cause for hope!

    TRUMP 2020!!!

    Oh; and voting is our right, our privilege, and our DUTY!

  9. Dunnit, two weeks ago. Good feeling when punching the button.

  10. Washington is, too. I voted last week. Yesterday, I got a mailer from Oregon, addressed to some woman I don’t know (nor does my wife) and me. I’ve only been here for eleven months.

  11. For all the good it will do (I’m in California) I sent mine in a couple of weeks ago. At least my vote may affect some of the local issues and propositions – the chances of California going for Trump are rather lower than that of a snowball fight breaking out in hell.

  12. Did my bit to keep Harris Administration out of the Oval Office via early voting!

  13. Going after fter lunch. Wife and I believe in voting on Election Day as we both have seen way too many late surprises in our little county over the years. Seems something critical always comes out even on the non-party candidates… Not Hunter-Laptop critical, but always something slips from one candidate or one position’s people…

  14. Done been did.

    No details, because let ALL the wannabe fraudsters sweat!

  15. Voted the second day of early voting in my state. Had to stand in line for 5 hours, but it was worth it.

  16. Jim; A small correction please.
    It is your right, your privilege and your DUTY as an American citizen.
    Wife & I did our duty last week, short lines.

  17. I voted absentee weeks ago. Been praying today.

  18. Voted at 2:45pm on the University of Florida campus at the Harn Museum, deep in Lefty World. There were 10 poll-workers, and 5 people voting, and the poll workers considered that to be ‘busy.’ (That would be 5 people voting, it was a constant flow of people but curiously, always 5 people actively voting, no real control on the voters, just walk in, vote, walk out…)

    Yeah, okay, whatever. (my previous polling place always had at least 20 standing in line even during ‘quiet’ and ‘off season’ periods.

    You could almost tell who voted for whom. The unhappy, rude, obnoxious, bitter, mean jerks mostly congregated around the ‘Free Pizza for Democrats’ booth (how is that legal?) while the smiling, cheery, happy, outgoing ones who raced to their cars to go back to work were obviously Trumpsters.

    Curiously, voting machine score after Me and Mrs. Andrew left was 275 between the two machines. Makes me wonder if that few actual voters have shown up or if one or more full machines have already been moved. Meh. Forgot to ask. Meh.

  19. Voted as well.

    The problem with legally mandating a vote is that it strikes me as an unconstitutional compulsion to associate.

    That being said, not voting means you don’t have the right to complain for the next couple years.

  20. Stood in line for 2 hrs. Friend of mine said he got their at 6:30 this morning and didn’t get in until 8. I’ve never seen it like this, and I always vote in both the primary and general elections.