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Entertainment Industry Workers Exempt From California Governor Gavin Newsom’s New Stay-At-Home Order

In light of an unprecedented rapid rise in COVID-19 cases across California, Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday announced a limited stay-at-home order. The order requires “generally that non-essential work, movement and gatherings stop between 10 PM and 5 AM in counties in the purple tier.” That means basically every county in Southern California and 94% of the state’s population.

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And there’s this story out of NM.

(KRQE) – The list of businesses that need to close for two weeks after four or more rapid response visits, is growing. In southeast New Mexico grocery stores in several communities had to close, some towns only have one grocery store open now, leading to long lines.


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The Department of Health says it evaluates closures to make sure they won’t greatly impact a community and they try not to close all the grocery stores in a town. They say they try to work with businesses to keep them open.

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Apparently some pigs… — 12 Comments

  1. Long past time to tell our overlords to stuff it.
    What’s that credit card commercial? “How about ‘NO!'”

  2. The public needs to open a can of whoop ass on “their betters” in State Capitols where the elites establish two standards – one for themselves and one for “the great unwashed”. This is not Feudal England — or is it?

    Since when was a curfew established to “slow the spread” of a virus? Particularly when there is a 99.9% recovery rate for almost all categories of people?

  3. Businesses are caught between a rock and a hard place. If they open they will lose their license and be shut down permanently. It is increasingly clear that this is all Shutdown Kabuki however. I don’t understand why this wasn’t more clearly reflected in the most recent elections. I am not convinced that the average person thinks there is a problem.

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Wasn’t supposed to be a “2 weeks to flatten the curve” and it has turned into a 270+ day hostage crisis where we are being dictated to by people that style themselves as “our betters” and telling us one thing and doing the other? Didn’t we fight a war of independence on this kinda feudal system crap?

  5. Another question is how to remain civil to sincere people who want to do the right things from the cynical power grabbers? I try a little “education” with the sincere. The cynical? Best not to go there.

  6. All- Good points, and yes, now in, what, the 9th month of 2 weeks to flatten the curve… sigh

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  7. So? Put up a live cam of your office or business and call it ‘Reality Streaming’ and now everyone is part of the entertainment industry.


    Start decorating lamp-posts and tall buildings with new holiday decorations by hanging stupid politicians and officious bureaucrats. Call it ‘Giving back to the Environment’ or ‘Vulturemas’ or something. Or just call it flattening the government.

    By the way, here in supposedly Free Florida (which just voted in the $15/hr min wage, so buh-bye Florida…) in Alachua County the city commission of Gainesville enacted the ‘fine the business-owner if patrons don’t wear masks.’ Jerks.

    I pray that the min-wage is reset to where it should be… $0.00, else my state is hosed…

  8. We here in Florida are laughing our a**’s off at Irksome’s antics. Read this morning that it is 7 Chinavirus victims out of 100,000. Isn’t that essentially the entire population?

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  10. We are now a nation of sheep. Poorly educated, fat sheep.
    God help us in the troubles ahead.