Oregon has jumped the shark!

30 days in jail and a $1200 fine… for celebrating Thanksgiving with SEVEN people.

And many of the dem/blue states are going full tyrant and locking Turkey Day down with penalties, not as bad as Oregon, at least that I’m aware of. And they are ‘expecting’ law enforcement to enforce those lockdowns, and asking for snitches to turn people in.

But, a lot of law enforcement agencies are basically telling them to pound sand! They don’t have enough officers to man/woman the ramparts now, to handle the ‘regular’ crimes, much less kowtow to the Covid Karens.

And it appears Californians have basically told Pretty Boy to get stuffed, as there are multiple groups in multiple cities gleefully ignoring the curfews with vehicle parades, etc…

And then there’s this plea… 🙂



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  1. And is Oregon a state that has let out prisoners out because they didn’t want those poor folks to catch Covid? So now lock people up?!?

  2. If they can get you to snitch on neighbors for having family dinners, it’s a short step from there to reporting on them for statements against the government. You can kiss the First Amendment goodbye. The “right to peaceably assemble” doesn’t just mean protest marches.

  3. Was this passed by the Legislature, or just an Executive Order issued by the Governor. If it’s an Executive Order, the we have entered the age of rule by decree, as long as the police go along with enforcing it.

    As was noted on another site, it’s interesting that the police will enforce (unconstitutional) Executive Orders against Thanksgiving gatherings, but won’t enforce real laws against rioters.

    • It’s an executive order – which means that enforcement of it is at best questionable.

      Also, most police report to their local (city/ county) leadership, not the governor, so this order only applies directly to the state police, many of whom I suspect will find reasons to put it low on their list of priorities, especially in rural Oregon…

  4. in most states, only legislature can create crimes and punishments – in this current situation, governors are working hard to find a way around that restriction…

    It is interesting, and disappointing, to see so many governors refusing to work with their legislatures AND refusing to listen to the people they supposedly work for. The people are fed up with restrictions and arbitrary rules – I suspect we’ll see this come to head sooner then later, particularly since I expect to see harsher rules in place for Christmas, along with widespread lockdowns.

    The states around me are trying to enforce mandates now, with limited success. In West Virginia, the governor told people to call the police and ordered the police to charge anybody wearing a mask – his own attorney general said that was illegal and the governor backed down, partly.

  5. Executive orders have traditionally been defined as those which clarify & facilitate the enforcement of existing law. New laws are the sole authority of the Legislature. “Emergency powers” are being so broadly interpreted now that they’re practically “anything we want to do”. No responsible judge would uphold such things, and there’s the rub.

    • RP “being so broadly manipulated now” – there FIFY.

  6. Here is the bitch about the whole thing, these folks that would be arrested can’t even go to Legal Aid Society or the ACLU to help fight the infringement of their First Amendment right to peaceable assembly ss those outfits are nothing more than a bastion of liberal wokeness

    • Well, bring 7-8 friends along to meet with Legal Aid/ACLU lawyer, document the meeting, and let ’em know that they’re now on the lockup list too.

      Once chance to grab all the marbles, and they keep dropping more on the floor. The Karenator pratfalls when they start slipping and slamming down will be tremendously funny.

  7. Question:
    Does this mean that the food will be impounded as well? Can’t abandon it in place, because it would create a health hazard, as well as waste precious resources, when there are people starving in (insert appropriate country here). And carbon, or something.

    They needed to do this earlier, and deputize cashiers, so they could arrest people who tried to buy more than six portions of cranberry sauce.
    Besides, why waste enforcement resources on simple giblet possession busts? Let’s get the pushers! Send the State Patrol into the grocery stores! Stop crime at the source! Just say NO to green bean casserole!

  8. All- Excellent points. And Pat- Shaddap! Don’t give them any ideas!

    Posted from my iPhone as I stand in line to checkout… 9 people ahead of me!!!

    • I glanced at the grocery store parking lot as I sped by. Yipes! And apparently New Mexico is shopping in Texas this year. I don’t blame them, given the mess “next door” so to speak.

    • My local Wal-Mart would close the register if the line was only 9 people long. While the unused checkers would hang out at the far end of the register line, chatting.

      In the late evening or early morning, there are no checkers working at all. They want you to use their “automated checkout”, which doesn’t take cash. And since that’s all I use in meatspace, each time I’ve fought with their braindead system, I’ve wound up leaving my items on the belt and walked out of the store. Right past the knot of checkers who aren’t manning registers.

      Sam Walton’s body is probably spinning fast enough to power a modest-size electrical grid.

  9. So what happens to families of more than seven (parents and children) as there are those in Oregon? The Karenator going to come and arrest the whole lot of them? I am from the South, I say to those who govern (actually they want to rule) – Bless your pea picking hearts!

  10. And all for a ginned up panic over a virus with a 99.9 percent survival rate with a few really cheap and effective remedy’s which the PTB refuse to acknowledge.

    We need T shirts. Like this.

    It’s not the guns.
    It’s not the climate.
    It’s not the virus.
    It’s the CONTROL.

  11. I used to wonder how the German people allowed the National Socialists to take over. I mean, nobody could be that stupid.

    Yet here we are…

    This is only one step away from mandatory maximum calories per person per day (except for the elites.)

    I can see it now, in a year, you go to the store with your ration coupons, and buy a bag of X that is just a white bag with X marked on it, like the government food subsidies used to be like. No ration coupon, no product for you!

    People walking around with red elephants sewn to their clothes.

    And the ‘voluntary’ house inspections for firearms or other violations. When the inspectors have a tank and 30 troops outside.

    Everyone ratting on everyone else. Spies everywhere. Secret police. Secret courts…. Oh, wait, this last paragraph has already happened.

    And so has the paragraph about the guns.

    Our God and our Founding Fathers would not be remiss if they all turned their collective backs upon us weaklings.

    • Shirer’s “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich” is a standard work, but his “The Nightmare Years” is his autobiography of the time he spent in Germany as a foreign correspondent. In many ways, “The Nightmare Years” gives a better picture of the fall of the Weimar Republic and the early years of the Reich, from his personal observations and talking with the German-in-the-street people he worked with.

      Comparisons always go back to Germany, because we have such vast amount of writing about how it happened. But I suspect the slide to totalitarian socialism is very similar in every case; unrest, crime, inflation, a populace that just wants *someone* to fix things, and a big fat dose of electoral fraud, sometimes with a bit of revolution on the side.

      Of course, that could never happen he-^&@)… [signal lost]

  12. Seven people? Good grief. I know folks with nuclear families that are bigger than that.

  13. All- Thanks for the comments! And yes, it’s getting stupider out there by the day. Sigh

  14. Hey Old NFO;

    Looks like the Donk Mayors and governors are getting their inner tyrants on….

  15. Yup. Bad coffee, stale pastries, pens that only work a week, and a tote bag that the handles rip off of on your way back to your car.

    Still beats Zoom meetings, though……

  16. Giving Thanks is my religious freedom in action.
    People joining me to do so is my freedom of assembly in action.
    Wanna get shot? Try and stop me.

  17. I dislike travel, and I dislike crowds.

    So, one would think that attending everything remotely would be up my alley, and I could make good use of all the time I’m not commuting.

    Turns out that I dislike being subject to arbitrary caprice a whole lot more.

  18. I usta was in Oregon for 33 years. Moved north a year (next December, early). Ain’t much better, but living in rural areas IS.