Those pesky ‘little’ things that get left out…

A column this week by former Defense Secretary James N. Mattis that blasted President Trump’s “America First” theme did not disclose that Mr. Mattis holds a senior position at the Cohen Group, a firm that dedicates itself to making business deals in China.

Full article, HERE at the Washington Times.

And this is one of our ‘new’ overlords…

Tech news site Protocol published a profile recently of Christine Su, the senior product manager for conversational safety at Twitter. Su’s approach to the platform’s censorship will focus on “transformative and procedural justice.”

Full article, HERE at Breitbart

So…it’s going to be rules for us, and none for them???

And I’ll end with a funny one…

A New York couple found 66 bottles of Prohibition-era whiskey in the walls and floorboards of their century-old home that was reportedly built by a bootlegger, CNN reported.

Full article, HERE, from the Daily Caller.

One wonders if that will pay for the renovations when they sell the booze?


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  1. wonder if that booze is any good? some of that stuff could kill you !

  2. The bottles are worth ore than the booze. I recently bought a bottle of Old FOrester 1920, purportedly the same recipe and proof that they used during Prohibition. Passed it around at a tsting. Everyone agreed that it’s pretty bitey, and at the price point, is not as good as Wild Turkey 101, which is available everywhere.

    As for Jim Mattis, any flag officer who doesn’t believe in America First, should turn in his ID Card.

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    I was almost surprised that ATF didn’t swoop down and scarf it up in some obscure law in a fit of pique. As far as Mattis goes, I am gravely disappointed but not as much as before, he has disappointed a lot of people with his antics. The gloss comes off his reputation.

  4. I formerly admired and respected Mattis. Now, not so much. Chinese Communist Party is not our friend…

  5. In New York they wil probably be arrested for selling liquor without a license.

  6. C.R.- Good question!

    Paw- There is that. And yeah, Mattis lost a LOT of respect.

    Bob/Gregg- Possible!

    Col B- Concur.

  7. Is 2020. They likely have already drank it. And it if it’s deadly… well, 2020, so… escape?

  8. Mattis has fallen into the money trap, like so many others. In his case, it was a bit faster … either way, concur with Col B.

  9. You Demoturds still have no clue as to why Trump got elected, News Flash, he was elected because of the LOUSY job that Obama was doing!

  10. Whistle Blower Jim’s comment is a copy of Where’s Biden Hiden?’s comment at my blog.
    I’m curious as to why these people do it.
    We are not “demoturds”, it’s off topic and it’s nothing we don’t know.

  11. Orvan- Good point!

    Rev- Yep!

    WBJim- Agreed!!!

    Ed- Odd…

    WSF- Yep, they want their scratch!

  12. “senior product manager for conversational safety”

    Apparently the rabbit hole goes to Jupiter instead of the other side of Earth, given how ridiculous everything is in this “modern age”.