I’ve been good…

Honest!!! I wants my treat!!!

Not really sure ‘who’ this applies to more, the doggies or the kids… 🙂

Apparently it took PP a ‘while’ to get the picture, between all the movement of the kids, dogs, expressions, etc… LOL


I’ve been good… — 17 Comments

  1. For some values of ‘Good’

    Of course they’ve been good. Why, look at those faces.

  2. *chuckles* All good boys and girls, I’m sure. (Especially when Santa is tuning up his sleigh.)

  3. I’d say the one in the green shirt on the back row is NOT going to balance the cheese on his nose for much longer before mischief ensues. 😉

  4. What great picture!

    Not sure who has more mischief in mind….the pups or the kids!

  5. We tried putting a shirt on our friend’s rottie.
    The dog did want to wear the shirt.
    The combined efforts of a number of highly intelligent humans who wanted the dog to wear a shirt resulted in the dog not wearing the shirt.
    Great photo.

  6. Yes the Puppers were waiting not so patiently for a treat. If I had used a tennis ball they would have knocked the kids and tree down to get it. They kept scooting up nose to me…they started at the tree! They are ALL up to mischief daily. They do keep me on my toes and somehow they have not knocked down the tree….yet.