Well, the North Texas Writers, Pilots, and Shooters meeting last night was interesting…

Lawdog cooked Green Chile Stew! Excellent as always!!!

We discussed (and cussed)-

How to site and assault an insurgent compound (with topo charts), and various options, including the Rhodesian option.

People who try to turn cats (all sizes) into vegans (doesn’t work as they are obligate carnivores).

Comparison of apples and oranges (yes, it’s been done and they are almost identical) https://www.improbable.com/airchives/paperair/volume1/v1i3/air-1-3-apples.php

A demonstration of Katanas and Japanese training swords (with obligate complaints about sizes).

Cussed and discussed the TSA and their ilk and the BS they pull.

Watched a little football.

Plots for various novels folks are working on.

Guesses for what is going to happen on Wednesday.

In other words, a pretty typical ‘meeting’… 🙂

I am truly thankful to be a part of this little group. We do have fun!


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  1. I am truly blessed to have y’all helping wargame this one out. You’re the alpha readers a gal could hope for, on military strategy, tactics, and terminology!

    Now I just have to write the thing.

  2. Atlanta paper has article about troops being mustered to deal with the insurrection that will be starting on the day of Biden’s inauguration. Like the FBI “gonna have armed uprising in all 50 states on the inauguration”. Any kind of gathering will be treated as armed insurrection and eliminated with prejudice. If nothing happens it will be “see, our preparations scared them back under their rocks and we are victorious”. “We will be prepared when they try this later”. Justifies any restriction of civil liberties they wish to inflict on us.

  3. While waiting for the insurrection to begin, I have been reading “The Grey Man” series (as shown on the sidebar to the left). I expected some “lone hero dealing justice during the apocalypse” adventure like we are used to with this genre. Nope. Instead we get something more akin to “Bonanza” with each chapter being a weekly episode. Quite readable and highly entertaining to the point of finding myself getting upset as if these events are happening to MY family. Perhaps it is because I live near the plot setting and know the area well or because I grew up where the author did or maybe because I attended college in Hammond, LA (in Vol 1). Whatever the cause, the story has become PERSONAL and I want somebody’s ass.
    Well played OldNFO, well played indeed.

  4. Stuff has gone so sideways now that my normally unflappable wife is talking open insurrection and what will happen if they come to the door looking for all the guns I traded for auto-work in the bad days when I had no income coming in.

    She agrees with me. Gotterdamerung before boxcars.

    This from a woman who survived a whole month’s worth of bad Lifetime Movie plots in real life and still managed to come out smiling and sane after the dust settled.

  5. Stuart- Thank you! I appreciate the kind words.

    Beans- Ouch. Yep, it’s getting serious…

  6. Green Chili stew sounds really good if accompanied by fresh rolls or cornbread…ok, it also sounds good without rolls or cornbread.

  7. An evil thought.

    It would make magnificent TV if nobody turned up for Biden’s inauguration. There he stands, alone but for thousands of troops. Where have we seen that before?

    • Lots of movies going back to Leni Riefenstahl, for starters. [TINS: When that scene in _The Force Awakens_ came on screen, I facepalmed. I mean, shot for shot without any attempt at doing your own variation? Really? Arrrgh. Even Lucas played with camera angles and stuff in _Star Wars_ so it wasn’t blatant.]

  8. You do realize there is probably a good market for a pay-per-view of that meeting, right? 🙂

  9. Any chance of a recipe for that Green Chili stew? Sounds just right to have while reading the next Fargo book (hint, hint)

  10. The stew recipe is on Lawdog’s website.

    EVERYONE I made it for, original pork or my own version with beef, commented “Mrrmffgh …”, pushing the bowl for more. Freezes well by servings, if you have le – no, I make it for later use, aren’t any leftovers from company.