Goodby my friend…

Rest In Peace. He was a country boy that did things his own way.

It was a bleak day, 14 degrees and snowing most of the day. 6 inches but a good turnout, all things considered.

And thank goodness for dirt country roads when the plows haven’t run! 🙂 Made the run back to town in one piece (all 30 miles of it)…


Goodby my friend… — 14 Comments

  1. Sucks. What I knew of him, he was a good man. Condolences to his family both born and chosen.

    Be safe on your travel back home.

  2. I’m sorry you lost your friend – may the hole in your heart heal quickly and you be left with the good memories and not today’s sorrow.

  3. I apologize for my ignorance, but was he one of your blogger pals? Would I recognize his name or blog?

  4. Condolences to you and all who loved him. Saying goodbye is abysmal.

  5. Looks like it was a good memorial, also read Peter’s comment, being remembered as he lived is the best way, good on you and everyone for being there.

  6. I hate to see the gear displayed. It’s like rusty tools of a craftsman. That hat, boots and belt hurt me. I remember the saddle blanket on grandpa’s coffin, a tool he used till it was threadbare, so close to it’s owner, but not to be used by him again.

    I buy old tools for use in my shop. I see the owners name, and I’m glad it came to me. I cherish those tools of the old masters. But they hurt me a bit too for the same reason.

  7. So very sorry, it’s tough losing a good friend.

  8. Just seeing this. I’m so sorry, NFO. He was a good man. Please pass on my respects to the FarmFam.