Ads we’ll never see the likes of again…

This one is from 1931, coming out of the depression… Interesting concept…

Imagine the screams from the left/woke/(insert ism here) if anything even REMOTELY resembling these were made today!


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  1. Rode with a guy on one of those Harley’s once. It was pretty cool. He kept up but it definitely wasn’t a “Harley”.

    Always strikes me as a little off when I watch old movies and the women have those weird pointed breasts. I know it’s a bra, but it still seems odd.

    Wonder if the state of California, in a couple years, might be offering free house and chicken ranch to anyone willing to move there. I still want to know what they were selling though.

    • “I still want to know what they were selling though.” You had to supply the land; the ad says nothing about shipping costs for the “free” ranch. Betcha there were a bunch of hidden fees and such.

      My late uncle was a rider for HD way back when; he’d ride in all the races and HD would tear down the bike for inspection after every race. He had a wall of trophies but got married and had to quit cuz she said so.

  2. Black and white TV.

    Waaacist! Waaacist!

    Ok. Here’s our non-white model. Screen stays black all the time (a metaphor on sooo many levels).

  3. Looking sought from the north side of the 49th there are somethings I very much envy in the structure of your government one of which is getting to choose your President separate from the winning party.

    Here that is not the case. A handful of select people get to choose the party leader who becomes Prime Minister should his party receive enough votes from Canadians in a federal election. That leader rules his party with an iron fist – those that refuse to or challenge the leader can expelled from “caucus” and are relegated to independent status.

    What may be unknown south of the 49th is that this year, should Trudeau retain power, we are going to have Bill C-10 passed in our parliament. This bill is to be complete government control of the internet and censorship of the internet to bring forth the “government vision”. it will include a vague definition of “hate” speech which will be whatever the government decides that is. Couple this with the beginning of firearm bans/confiscation, alleged training of Chinese troops on Canadian soil in the last several years (media reporting and government denials – conflicting). When/if total control of the internet occurs, should this Bill become law, Canadians may have very little knowledge of what is happening in this country. You are about to have a very different neighbor to your north depending on the outcome of the next federal election.

  4. There’s a youtube channel I’ve seen where a costume designer/clothing maker (Rachel Maksy) does a segment on a bullet bra.

    Funny thing is, she, being kind of hefty chested, says the bullet bra is far more comfortable than a modern bra, as it lifts better.

    And it gives a better profile to sweaters and other tight tops.

    What? Man can’t live by guns and planes alone…

  5. Chicken Ranch! I spent 3 summers working on my U’s poultry farm. I candled eggs and sold them. I cleaned out dropping pits. I helped drive the birds out to the feeding areas, up to the point where they spooked and ran off in all directions. Some went the wrong way, found nothing to eat, and died out there. As I keep saying, I was in poultry husbandry until they caught me at it. (That’s a JOKE, son; I say, that there’s a JOKE!) Hat tip to Foghorn Leghorn @ Warner Bros. and the guy who did the voices, whose name now escapes me. I CAUGHT HIM: Mel Blanc!

  6. Yeah, something about the Chicken deal is fishy.
    During the height of the depression my Grandfather told me he answered a Popular Mechanics ad for a “guaranteed bug killer”-
    Just a buck. When he received it he found two wooden blocks marked “A” and “B”. You can figure out the instructions on how to kill a bug, guaranteed!
    After WWII Harley Davidson realized they needed an entry-level motorcycle to get young people into dealerships. That 125 was made, I think, in Austria. Later bumped up to 175cc’s, they called it “The Hummer”.
    My first real motorcycle was a 250cc Harley “Sprint”. H-D, trying to compete with competition from Honda, had purchased the Italian Aermacchi company and plastered their name on the tank. The bikes were okay, but were NO competition for the Swiss-watch precision of the Hondas. They stopped importing them in the early ’70’s I think.
    And H-D is STILL struggling to keep up selling bikes to the young.

  7. Beans- I know nozzink… 🙂

    Sam- I ‘learned’ on ‘free range’ chickens we had… Nasty little #[email protected]#$…

    GB- Yep, it was a ‘little’ strange. Thanks for the info on HD, I didn’t know that.

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