I would ‘like’ to mow my yard before I have to hire somebody with a brush hog…

This was yesterday afternoon as the dry line started up. The black line is the dry line.

Rain, rain, and more rain this last week has, of course, caused the grass to jump up (and yes, the weeds too)! They’re tall enough that they’re going to seed! Sigh…

We’re ‘supposed’ to see the rain drop off on Monday… supposedly…

Granted we need the rain, but 6 inches in less than a week is a ‘bit’ much, but it will make it easier to dig out the dead shrubbery next week.

Edit- I said screw it… Did I mention how much I HATE mowing wet grass? Grrrr… But it’s done.


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  1. I grow grass hay up here in OK for fun and profit as a “retiree” and the 5 inches we got last week is like watching money grow. Fortunately, I hunkered down and had my Grazon herbicide and fertlizer already in before it hit; no way you can drive out there now without getting stuck.

  2. The next grass cutting cycle will be third one of the season, and I’m officially tired of cutting the grass.

    For shrubbery and fence post removal we set up a tripod made from 4x4s and use a come-along to rip them out of the ground.
    YouTube suggests using a strap and a tire to change the axis of the pull but we’ve not ever tried that.

  3. All y’all lookin’ for a bit of dry can come out to my place, back of the dry-line. We got two drops and a spitter in April, and the weather guessers are thinking maybe a tenth of an inch this week if we’re lucky. We’re running a grass-fire a week already. This is not a happy making forecast.

  4. You could move to Arizona… It rains where I live, but most of the rest of the state? Not so much.

  5. I never mow wet.
    The old lady across the street has Mexicans do her yard and there have been days when they mowed in downpours.
    Nothing says quality lawn care like mowing in the rain.

  6. We had a little bit of rain one day in April, which in good years is the wet month. Not looking forward to fire season in the PNW–east of the Cascades, we’ve had several smallish (50 acre) fires already.

    The fire forecasts for the region look ugly.

  7. Here in the spine of Florida we’re seeing lack of rain much like we had in 1998, when 3/4s of the state burned and we had firestorms that sterilized whole sections of forest. But most of that was caused by idiot leftists and morons who moved down here and stopped prescribed burns. After 1998 the state started prescribed burns of what was left.

    But, yeah, we’re dry. Crunchy grass and even crunchy weeds. Not good.

    Always hated mowing wet grass. Well, to tell the truth, always hated mowing. Now it’s the apartment management’s problem. I just do light raking and some slingblading.

  8. Mowing? Hmm. I think I ran the mower twice … no, three times last year. Not much rain during the summer.

    But the snow took its time to melt, this year, and there’s still some out there. Ground is muddy now, and frozen underneath. Greenery has yet to return, so we’ll see.

    The usual pattern, here, after a cold & snowy winter, is a hot & dry summer. Time will tell.

  9. Rib- At least you’re ahead of the game! 🙂

    Ed- I think it ‘might’ get to you… maybe…

    John- I’ve now mowed three times too.

    TXRed- Yep, y’all are on the WRONG side… Sorry to hear about the fires.

    LL- Well, you ARE up in the clouds, so that’s cheating…LOL

    ERJ- No choice.

    Matt- I hate it, but it was seriously about to the point where I couldn’t have mowed it with my little mower. Sigh…

    Gerry- Shaddap 🙂

    RC- Yep, odd year for weather everywhere. Hopefully y’all can stay safe!

    Beans- We had that back in the 70s too. I was VFD, spent three days on the road, ended up damn near to Orlando fighting fires. When we finally got back to the station, a crew from Macon, GA was backfilling for us!

    Rev- You can have the cold, I’ll mow, thank you very much!

    Hunter- Wow, I had…almost 4 inches last Monday night.

  10. When I lived in Mansfield, mowing on a schedule didn’t work. I had to mow when it was dry, whether it’d been several days since mowing or not.

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