14 years… 5100 and some posts, 74,000 and some ‘actual’ comments, a quarter of a million SPAM comments in the last five years, and a little over a half million views average a year. Thank you to all those who have put up with my brain drivel for a long as you have!!! THANK YOU!

One of my early posts from 2007, talking about the conduct of the war and politics… Amazing how ‘little’ has changed…

Well, I’m back from a week in WESTPAC, the Western Pacific for those who aren’t Navy oriented… Spent some time talking to the Sailors who are spending time in the Gulf both on deployment and Individual Augmentee (IA) duties. I gotta say what I am hearing from these folks is pretty much directly contradictory to what most of the media is saying. These folks are proud to serve, believe in what we are doing, and see the positives of the situation in Iraq and Afganistan both. They see improvements we (the Coalition) have fostered, schools, water, power, hospitals; but agree there are not enough due to politics and the local infighting. To a person, they all agreed we should stay the course.

This makes me wonder even more about the media and today’s crop of politicians… I thought I had seen it all after Nam, Grenada, and the first Gulf War, but these folks just leave me speechless… I’m for, but I’m against, but I was for… timetables for withdrawl, but I support the troops, but I want to take away their money and ability to do anything… Does this make any sense?

Not to me- I am to the point that I believe the pols are posturing (posterioring?) to try to be on both sides of the war. I guess they think we the people are too dumb to remember the last thing they said, or hope we will “only” remember what they say in the sound bites.

If you have the time, take a minute to thank those reservist, Guard and active duty folks you know. These are the folks who are on the pointy end, doing the best they can with what they have. It behooves us to support them in any way we can.

The more things change, the more they remain the same… sigh


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  1. Congrats.
    I started in April, 2005. I felt the need to share my thoughts for quite some time, then sorta got tired of “tilting at windmills”. I now publish only when I think it will help keep me sane, and my sanity is slipping away.
    Getting old is a plus/minus thing. It’s not fun, but it offers an eventual escape from the idiocy that is engulfing us.
    Thanks for sharing all these years my friend.

  2. “War. War never changes.”

    Oh, and getting old sucks but it beats the alternative.

  3. Congratulations Jim!
    Your blog is the medium by which I had the opportunity to meet you way back when at a NEBS in its heyday; be well my friend.

  4. I started in 2011. 1032 posts. No idea how many comments (few) or spam (fewer). Maybe that’s why you are a successful author and I am not. 😁

    Congratulations and keep it up. Enjoying both your blog and your books.

  5. Congrats! You’re a daily visit and have been for as long as I’ve been at this blogging thing. Keep it going!

  6. Congrats on your blogiversary! I always check in to see what’s going on!

  7. Your blog a few years ago got my interest. Can’t let others blame you for getting me started but you were part of the catalyst.

  8. No, thank YOU for blogging. I was late in finding you. You done GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

  9. Congrats! and thanks for sticking it out. Your content is consistently good, and I appreciate it very much.

  10. Happy Anniversary. I could never write a blog, I’d run out of things to say.

  11. Congrats on the Blogaversary!

    And thanks for all the years of interesting content and commentary you’ve provided.

  12. Hey Old NFO;

    Happy Blogversary!!!!!!!!!

    It IS your fault you know…….You got me started and many others….and we all blame you….so there.. 😛 Well Congratulations and many more years of inspiring more people to take the plunge and scaring the crap out of the “Mundanes”

  13. Congrats. I started mine in 2010, but slacked off the last couple of years.

  14. Congratulations sir.
    You are an example of a blogger who not only posts on his own blog, but encourages others by commenting on theirs.

  15. I started on Wednesday, February 24, 2010. I can’t remember if I found your blog before or after.


    I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog, and my one and only complaint is that I live too far away from you to buy you a drink and help you hold the bar up.

    You’re a good Old NFO, and that’s as good as you can get. Here’s a tip of the old fedora and a hoist of the late mid-afternoon bourbon glass to you.

  16. Congratulations, OLDNFO. Well deserved recognition for you time to inform and entertain us of less talents. I remember that post and hope to see another 14 years plus.

  17. Congrats! I stop by daily and occasionally comment. Let me know if you ever get up this way. We’d love to see you again!

  18. Happy Blogversary!

    Thanks for all the entertainment you’ve created over the years, I enjoy your stuff.

  19. Congratulations! You have inspired, informed, and been the voice of reason, and I thank you.