De Facto segregation???

Is that where we’re headed?

If you’re vaccinated you are in this line, allowed to do x,y,z… and you get this nicky-neat little ‘passport’ that allows you to go places and do things.

If you’re not- Go over there, mask up, sit in the corner until we call you and browbeat you to take the vaccine for the chilluns… And we’re gonna give it to your chilluns whether you like it or not. And no school for you or your chilluns, or travel, or venues…

But yet… State Department travel advisories state you must STILL have a negative test, even if vaccinated…

Referenced from HERE.

And then there’s the whole ‘lack’ of prosecution of ‘minor’ crimes, no bond, immediate release for ‘minor’ crimes, etc. Reduction in traffic stops, etc. Chicago just came out with a ‘new’ directive stopping foot pursuits for anything less than a Class A misdemeanor.  You can go HERE and see a list of what will no longer be chased either on foot or by patrol vehicles… sigh…

And in Texas, the Dems took their ball and went home because they didn’t like the fact that the ‘new’ voting laws take away their one time good deal of 24 hour voting and drive up voting (done because of the WuFlu). So Gov Abbott is expected to call them back or just not pay them, article HERE. The question is, where will they run this time? Mexico again? Oklahoma? I wonder if you can extradite a state rep for malfeasance in office???


De Facto segregation??? — 18 Comments

  1. Never mind that these are experimental medical treatments and under federal law you can’t discriminate against people for not taking an experimental medical treatment AND you can’t reward people FOR taking it.
    Also, it is illegal for non licensed personnel to give medical advice, and even doctors must have a patient relationship to give medical advice… yet more inconvenient laws ignored when it suits those in power…

  2. My forecast is tainted by being in a bad emotional place for personal reasons.

    The other day, I found myself planning a series in a potential new genre. Community policing procedural, aka, vigilante procedural. Basic, guy put out of work by the lockdown turns hitman against various criminals involved in the greater malfeasance. Mystery content would be judge/jury stuff wrt whether the targets are truly deserving.

    Three fundamental issues 1) mystery readers/everyone might hate the plotting, etc. 2) Have I mentioned that I’m not a competent story teller? 3) Might be a really bad idea to commit to writing something that would intensify my anger so much.

    Plus, as I’ve been saying, I have worked out that I should distrust the reduced order models that make a whole sale switch to vigilantism look preferable to the status quo. Americans may figure out a solution better than any theoretical remedy we might come up with.

  3. There is a history of Democratic legislators camping out in Colorado and Colorado Republican Senators camping out in Texas. This is to deny a quorum and being beyond the reach of involuntary attendance. Over the years I’v seen it work both ways.

  4. Jon- Point…

    Bob- I hear what you’re saying… sigh

    WSF- Didn’t know that, but it figures…

  5. I carry my Covid Shot record in my shirt pocket, so it’s handy if I need to pull it out to show someone, at which I would hold it out in my left hand, and raise my right arm to +45 degrees, und zay, “Hier ist mein papier, Herr/Frau OBERST!”
    Haven’t had to do that…yet.

    It’s not copyrighted, so it’s open to anyone who’d like to copy it…

    • I want to get a case for mine, like a badge case, and have it stamped or embossed with ‘Gesundausweis’.

  6. There’s talk of making the “vaccine” mandatory where I work. At that point I become a member of the Church Of Christ, Scientist. “‘Sorry; ‘can’t take your “vaccine.” A matter of faith.” Of course, at that point I’ll most likely be required to wear a mask. At THAT point I’ll put on the mask; the one with the replica of the patch required to be worn by Jews in Nazi Germany. After all, it is what it is…
    …Film at eleven, friends… Film at eleven…

  7. You know, if they’re dead, they don’t have to show up…

  8. On that Covid testing, it’s only for air passengers. So fly into Mexico and walk across the border, or fly somewhere, where they don’t have the testing and fly in from there.
    Or take a boat.

  9. Sam/Dave- I LIKE it! 🙂

    Tom- Yep, that would work.

    John- Point! If you cross from Mexico, you don’t have to show anything… sigh

  10. I’ve been carrying my “essential worker” paperwork since this all started and haven’t needed to produce it yet. Dammit. The one upside is that way back when, traffic was friggin’ non-existent on the drive to work. It was kinda spooky, actually.

    • I traveled for personal business in April 2020.
      The fullest plane I was on had 20 passengers! As you say, the light traffic was wonderful…

      I had to show my essential worker paperwork at one of the hotels we stayed at, but the others didn’t care.

  11. Not just the vaccine. Have you noticed the demand to have areas solely for ‘people of color’?

    George Wallace won. Segregation forever, I guess.

    • If only it were actual segregation. What it really means is “colored folks get to go anywhere, but white folks gotta stay out of colored safe spaces.”