What happens next???

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When doctors can’t tell the truth in their own professions/hospitals/practices???

“Wokeness feels like an existential threat,” a doctor from the Northwest said. “In health care, innovation depends on open, objective inquiry into complex problems, but that’s now undermined by this simplistic and racialized worldview where racism is seen as the cause of all disparities, despite robust data showing it’s not that simple.”

“Whole research areas are off-limits,” he said, adding that some of what is being published in the nation’s top journals is “shoddy as hell.” 

Full article, HERE, from Substack.

This is truly scary. Makes one long for the old country doctor that made house calls and actually ‘knew’ the patients.

I ran into an absolute cluster#$#@ yesterday at the local hospital. I had a referral from the VA to go get an x-ray on my hip so that I didn’t have to drive 2 hours each way to get it done at the VA.

I had ‘my’ paperwork with a referral number etc. Called the hospital about 1000 in the morning, was told “Oh, Radiology is a walk in. We have your paperwork, just come on it and they can do it.” I go down there at 1330, walk in and…

“Oh, we need the actual referral from your primary care doctor.”

Uh, you already have it… or had it as of 1000 this morning. Nope, mysteriously no longer there…

So I call the VA, get through to my care team and hand the phone to the admissions lady. She tells the nurse what is required, which the nurse told her had already been sent. Admissions lady goes off, comes back 10 minutes later, “No, there is nothing on file for you. You’ll have to have the VA resubmit it.”

I call the care team back, they say they sent another copy to the fax number they were given. I waited another fifteen minutes and called the hospital schedulers back. Nope… Nothing received…

I left, needless to say NOT in a good mood. I talked to the OKC VA folks on the way home, and they told me the document had been resent at 1350 (WHILE I WAS SITTING THERE)…

I’m going to make some calls on Monday to the Ombudsman at the horsepistol and give them a piece of my mind. And if they can’t find the #@$%% referral again, I’ll be driving to OKC to get the damn x-ray…

Oh, and the horsepistol is requiring everyone be masked… except all the employees have theirs pulled down until you walk up to their desks… [email protected]#$$#@ WuFlu theater!!!


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  1. I used to work at a doctor’s office, and part of my job was faxing referrals and patients’ info. I learned pretty fast to call about 15 minutes after faxing something to make sure they got it, and get the name of the person who said they’d received it. There was a podiatrist a couple of blocks away who never seemed to receive the repeated faxes I’d sent, so I eventually learned to take my lunchtime walk over there with printed copies. It was pretty infuriating.

  2. Too common an occurrence. Early 2000’s fought for nearly three years to get a bill paid; there was an error in the 4 digit treatment code entered into the original claim (not by me, the clinic). Twice the collection department of the hospital asked me, “to just pay it”. No, I’m not giving you $5,000 because you are too incompetent to fill out paperwork.

    The VA can be even worse.

  3. I’ve run into it. Many years ago I worked on an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) project, and the one thing I quickly became aware of is the 997, which is an EDI form acknowledging receipt of the data received. You can actually send a 997 in acknowledgement of the 997 they sent you, and so on. Nice, huh? I not only sent it, I can prove you received it.

    Half the people you encounter are below average intelligence. Those on the bright side of the bell curve often don’t think. So, your fax.

    Some plebeian somewhere stops picking his nose long enough to send the required fax. Operating the fax machine takes mental effort and if anything goes wrong, which it often does, the fax won’t be sent. Or received.

    In my case it was my pharmacy. I needed a refill, they had to contact the doctor, the pharmacy was dragging their feet. Once the doctor’s staff actually understood what was going on (and making them understand took a whole lot longer than it should have, mainly because they didn’t want to understand), I got my prescription filled.

    These people communicate via fax, and just because one party hasn’t received it does not mean the other party hasn’t sent it. We all know this, but the staff ignores it.

    Sorry you’re having stupid people problems.

  4. Yeah. I went to a Phys Ther clinic and the receptionist was maskless, thus, so was I.
    Then she pulls hers up and insists I do likewise.
    I say, “Yours was down, we’re six feet, we’re good.”
    No we weren’t.
    The office is owned by a friend, and my best friend who is a mutual friend told me that HE had heard of my churlishness.
    Hey. I didn’t shoot anybody. Yet.

  5. All- Thanks and yes, they HAD the damn thing at 1000… lost it by 1330… Monday will be interesting…

    Posted from my iPhone.

  6. I had a similar thing happen to me trying to get an MRI on my hip done last year. Now I go in expecting it to be screwed up and I when it is not I am pleasantly surprised.

  7. Been in healthcare more than 4 decades. I must sadly report that the ENTIRE system has been taken over by paper pushing bean counting morons who couldn’t find their own ass with a flashlight, mirror and explicit instructions. They have made it almost impossible for the ACTUAL caregivers to provide care. And it’s getting worse every day. I had planned on working till I’m 70….but really don’t know how much more of the utter bullshit I must wade through every day I can tolerate.

  8. My 90 day prescriptions are usually good for 3 refills, at which point the pharmacy is supposed to send a fax to the clinic to request a new script. Except, 2/3rds the time, the clinic managed to lose the fax. Frequently, they’d lose the backup fax. Both the pharmacy and clinic are an hour from home, so it gets pretty annoying.

    So, now I call the clinic and have them put it on the doctor’s To-Do list. At first the admin people were getting shirty due to Not Following Established Procedure, at which point they got chewed out. I suspect there were a lot of others doing similar chewing, because now they’ll take the message without complaint.

    I saw that doctor last Wednesday, at which point I got the “you need to take the vaccine” speech. I mentioned that I wasn’t, partly because of the CDC clusterf*** and because of Fauci’s lies. He tried to spin the CDC mask flip-flop-flip, and he didn’t seem to be aware of F’n Fauci’s email dump.

    I’m pretty well stuck with this doc for gateway referrals whenever something goes wrong, but I sure as hell don’t have to take the Covidiocy propaganda.

  9. I love it when people refuse to do their jobs.
    She could have gotten it taken care of, she just didn’t give a damn.

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