Made too much food…

I made enough for the folks I’d ‘planned’ on making it, but three didn’t… Guess I’ll be eating leftovers…

Oven baked short ribs, smoked beef ribs, shrimp boil, chicken skewers, and coleslaw.

Why so many choices, you might ask?

Well, one person is allergic to shrimp, one can’t eat beef, and everybody can eat chicken. But it was damn sure an all day affair…

Was it worth it? Hell yes, good friends, good conversation, laughter, and everyone relaxed. Definitely worth it.


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  1. Since the dawn of refrigeration there is no such thing as “too much.”

  2. 2nd on beef ribs, I prefer them over pork if done right.

    Better too much food than too little. And leftovers are always a nice thing when one’s blown oneself out making the vittles. Nice to have a meal off of major cooking.

  3. Momma always said it was better to cook to much in case someone dropped by unexpectedly. And yours looks so good. Is that some sort of salad with the corn on the cobb and shrimp? If so, that would be my plate.

    • Coffey – my grandmother was well schooled in the you can always add another nail to the soup if unexpected company showed up………….

  4. Now we understand why your modern and classic Westerns are written around family, friends, and food. Great way to live and write.

  5. Well….Would you look at that! Just enough left for me. If only I lived a bit closer……

    • Jack – if ANY of us lived closer he wouldn’t have to worry about ‘leftovers’ 🙂

  6. All- Thanks for the comments! CP- That was a shrimp boil. Potatoes, celery, onions, shrimp, corn on the cob all boiled with cajun seasoning.

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  7. It can’t be that far from the White Wolf Mine to Amarillo, and the promise of left-overs/

  8. Call me next time that happens. I’ll be on the first freight headed your way, and I’ll be there in time for happy hour.