It’s an virtual con…

LibertyCon is virtual this year, not by choice. But it does give y’all a chance to ‘see the sausage made’, so to speak.

HERE’s the link- go down the page and you’ll find the links and instructions on how to view the panels.  Peter, Dot, Sarah Hoyt, and myself have a panel tonight at 2100 EDT on writing cross genres, and I’m doing a reading at 1300 on Sunday.


It’s an virtual con… — 6 Comments

    • cross-genre:

      Would that be a western that identified itself as science fiction? [grin]

      Makes note to pick up Showdown on the River. Waiting impatiently for the next Rimworld.

  1. Why do you put the link on the word “here” instead of on the words “the link”? Asking for a friend.

  2. Herso- I don’t know, that’s just the way I’ve always done it… I copied somebody back in the day, but I don’t remember who. Sorry.

  3. Enjoyed that, and you came in loud and clear. It would’ve been even better if the camera had turned to the speaker… but perhaps that was deliberate?

    Whatev. I applaud your writing and still, ridiculously, haven’t written any fiction, apart from the start of a “Cecil Rhodes in Space” novel. Kinda Rider Haggard meets Harry Harrison 🙂 The Erebus Diamond. I’ll send it on when it’s done.