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First up is Sarah Hoyt’s new story- Other Rhodes

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The blurb-

Lily Gilden has a half-crazed cyborg in her airlock who thinks he’s Nick Rhodes, a fictional 20th Century detective. If she doesn’t report him for destruction, she’s guilty of a capital crime.

But with her husband missing, she’ll use every clue the cyborg holds, and his detective abilities, to solve the crime her husband was investigating when he disappeared.

With the help of a journalist who is more than he seems, Lily will risk everything to plunge into the interstellar underworld and bring the love of her life home!

Next up is David A. Tatum with the third book in the Law of Swords series- In Division Imperiled

The blurb-

THE LAW OF SWORDS: A set of laws written to prevent infighting among Svieda’s Royal Heirs in the event the King dies unexpectedly. One of these laws has never been needed… until now.

Divided by a war on two fronts, Svieda hopes to benefit from an expected reduction in hostilities that the upcoming winter snows will bring. With armies of hostile Porosian Elves in training, however, it cannot afford to pause its own operations, whatever the weather.

Euleilla soon finds herself defending the new military capital of Rocky Run from Poros’ Human armies while the bulk of her own forces are at large, scrambling for any advantage they can find against both of their enemies.

Meanwhile, Maelgyn has been called away on a secret mission by Wangdu and Phalra: Finding their uncle, who happens to have been one of Lord Ajiro’s greatest allies in the Ancient era. Is he going to be able and willing to help? And just where are all the Elves in this Elven sanctuary, after all?

A new add, recommended by a friend who knew him as an LEO is Danny R. Smith’s first book in his Dickie Floyd series- A Good Bunch of Men

The blurb-

Two cops. Twice the murder. Double the trouble on LA’s mean streets…

Los Angeles, 1990s. Hard-boiled homicide detective Dickie Jones and his cocky partner Matt “Pretty Boy Floyd” Tyler are no strangers to tragic deaths. But the L.A. Sheriff’s odd couple is shocked by the vicious slaying of a transsexual prostitute. And when the victim’s working-girl roommate turns up dead only hours later, they find themselves hunting a killer with a terrifying agenda.

With the clues leading them through LA’s sleaziest neighborhoods, Dickie and Floyd run headlong into a brutal, drug-dealing gang. But as they begin to unravel a disturbingly ugly scheme, they land in the crosshairs of a sinister sniper.

Can Dickie and Floyd expose a conspiracy before a hail of bullets sends them to the morgue?

A Good Bunch of Men is the atmospheric first book in the Dickie Floyd Detective mystery series. If you like headstrong heroes, police procedurals, and unexpected plot twists, then you’ll love Danny R. Smith’s gripping whodunit.

Like Joseph Wambaugh, he’s definitely writing based on his personal knowledge of the ‘mean streets’ of LA. I’m enjoying the series, FWIW… 

Last, but not least, Mike Kupari with a new book- The Family Business

The blurb-

Decades ago, the Visitors descended on Earth. They claimed to bring peace and prosperity. Their real goal was the total subjugation of humankind. But humanity did not give up its only home without a fight.

After a devastating war, the Visitors were driven back to Mars. Their millions of willing human collaborators were left behind. The task of hunting down these former alien collaborators and bringing them to justice falls to Federal Recovery Agents like Nathan Foster.

Now, Nathan Foster is tasked with bringing to justice Emmogene Anderson. As a teenager, Emmogene was experimented on by the Visitors and implated with a device that allows her to control other people. With her is her obsessive ex-lover, who was also a former commando of the Visitors’ forces. It’s an easy enough job—but Emmogene has been implanted with something else, something much more important.

Nathan and Ben must decide what is right in a largely lawless world—and the fate of the planet hangs in the balance.


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  1. You really comparing this Smith guy to Joseph Wambaugh??? Where I come from, that’s pretty high praise.