A phone call to impeach on…

The “perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban,” says Biden in the July 23 call. “And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.”

Whether it is true or not.

From Legal Insurrection, HERE.

But where are Pelosi et al??? Running for cover, and Harris is nowhere to be found. What a @#%#@% surprise…

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend. Go burn some burgers and dogs (if you can afford them)…

And go watch the video in THIS article. What America is really all about out here in fly over country.


A phone call to impeach on… — 9 Comments

  1. He should be impeached for his call to the Ukrainian President and his call to the Afghanistan President.But ninety proof nancy looks the other way.

    • He should never have been eligible for the office due to his altered state before the election. It was obvious to us out here in reality that he suffers from some sort of mental deficiency and what Alzheimer patients call “Sundowner’s” where as the day grows old, so does the brain.

      Now, the people who propped up this mental vegetable, those are the people who need to be sent to prison. Him, he needs to be sent to an old folks home.

      As to impeachable moments, falling asleep in a meeting with the Israeli PM is also a good one.

  2. Thanks for the video reminder that this nation still exists, even though we have a parasitic ruling class hag-riding us.

  3. CP- I got it from a mil group I’m in.

    Wilson- Point!

    Beans- Agreed! You’re welcome.

  4. The Dems are using Biden as a stand-in…or a wooden Indian with a speaker inside…

    • A democrat who won’t tell us who he/she/it is…for “protection”.