Oh boy…

It’s about to get interesting down in Austin!

Retaliation. Witness tampering. Felony criminal conduct.

These charges are being aimed at the man Travis County, Texas, voters elected to prosecute criminals in November 2020. And the charges stem from one of José Garza’s highest-profile and most controversial cases.

Det. Fugitt’s direct accusations against Garza, which include new evidence and also implicate the two leaders of APD. 

This is all going down in relation to the Perry case, the Sgt that shot the protester that was pointing an AK47 at him.

Full article, HERE.

We’re going to need more popcorn for this one! Just waiting for the Rangers to get called in… LOL


Oh boy… — 15 Comments

  1. I hope all three of these gentleman get burned.
    In fact, they should all receive the same sentence SGT Perry would have received if he had been found guilty of these falsified charges.

    In fact, let’s go further. They should all receive the death penalty.

  2. Hey Old NFO;

    Well that is the DA, he is one of Soros bought and paid for DA’s. Peter mentioned the danger of being places where the ideology is diametrically opposite to what you believe in, and in this case Soros likes Antifa and BLM so the DA had his orders to nail Sgt Perry to make an example out of him for shooting one of the “Soldiers for Soros”. If it wasn’t for the integrity of a good cop Sgt Perry would have gotten railroaded into a conviction. This is Lawfare. What happens next time this happens and the cop don’t have integrity..an innocent man gets ground up by the system. This is scary crap.

  3. John- That it does… popcorn time!

    Matt- Concur!

    WSF- The rank and file are PISSED!!!

    Jet- Agreed!

    Rabbit- Huh, didn’t know that, but GOOD!

    Bob- Point! And he’s NOT the only one in trouble!

  4. Rangers huh?
    It’s good to know that SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE took their Oath of Office seriously.
    Kick ass Rangers. Maybe it will wake others.

  5. This is good news. I hope that DA Garza has his butt nailed to the wall. I even wish jail time upon him. I also wish bad things on the APD upper officers that threatened Det. FugittDet.

    I live 40 miles N.W. of San Antonio and about 80 miles S.W. of Austin and am aware of the crap that is coming from both Travis County’s DA and Bexar County’s DA who are Soros funded DAs. Maybe the reckoning is coming for them.

  6. Yeah for the Texas Rangers, they might just have enough juice to break the lefty hold on Law and Order in Austin with the truth, it appears a good man, Det. Fugitt has taken a stand.

    BillB ~ You must live fairly close to me, I live in Boerne and I have been seeing way to many out of state cars as our population has almost doubled in the last ten years of non-stop building of gated ranch communities full of multi-million dollar homes. An invasion of new folks who don’t share all of our traditional Texas Hill County values.

    • OldTexan, I live a couple of miles east of Bandera. I am a transplant from North Texas but not one of them furriners from out of state. I fully support the values here and love it. The reports are that a lot of those that have come here are relatively conservative, fleeing here to get out of places like Commifornia.

      • What a neat area between Boerne and Bandera, we moved down from Dallas in 2013 and one of the first things I did was get a life membership in the Bandera gun club, a great place for old men to spend weekday mornings on the range. My best buddy from childhood, kindergarten through high school retired six years ago where he had been a lawyer in Seattle and he lives in Kerrville now, we meet to shoot in Bandera.

        You live in such a beautiful part of Texas.

  7. I live in Travis County, deep in enemy territory. I can only quote Luke 4:24 – “But I tell you the truth, no prophet is accepted in his own hometown.”

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