Gonna need more popcorn…

This one is…so far out of bounds it’s not funny. When courts conspire with the lawyers and guardian ad litems…

The Eastern District Court of Missouri has recused every one of its judges from a lawsuit alleging shocking corruption in the Missouri family court system.

Attorney Evita Tolu filed the lawsuit in the 21st Judicial Circuit Court of St. Louis against guardian ad litem (GAL) Elaine Pudlowski, psychologist Dr. James Reid, and therapist Jennifer Webbe VanLuven, alleging that the trio conspired to diagnose her with a fraudulent mental disorder and use her custody dispute as an opportunity to get rich while sentencing her children to life with their abuser.

Full article, HERE, and links to the previous investigative reports…

Don’t read this if you need BP meds… just sayin…


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  1. Article refers to James Reid’s ‘husband’. Somehow, I’m not surprised. Get ’em, Mama Bear.

  2. I don’t know if the allegations are true, but I do know that if the entire STATE judicial system is afflicted with corruption, then the feds are the only recourse.
    I hate it that the journalists haven’t taken this on as a project. It’s what a free press is for! Perhaps they are linked to a corrupt power system, or perhaps they are afraid of consequences.
    Family court matters can be nightmares for the kids. I had one of my students tell me that he was going to have to tell a judge which parent he wanted to live with. He was pretty clear about the consequences: his father was a good guy, and his mother was mean and probably unbalanced as well. He really wanted his father to have full custody, and be utterly free of his mother, but since that wasn’t likely to happen, he was going to tell the judge he wanted to live with her. He knew that she would wreak vengeance on him, if he said he wanted to go live with his dad, and she had any access to him after that. I was STRONGLY tempted to try to intervene on his behalf, but unfortunately, the boy was right. There’s no way the court would strip his mother of all parental rights, so he was making the choice that would be easiest on him in the long run.
    It’s that kind of case that makes school counselors fantasize about shooting somebody in the ass with a shotgun.

  3. Are Mistakes made? Sure they are But NOT LIKE THIS ONE!
    Just change the name from JOE BIDEN to DONALD TRUMP or any other Republican for that matte), and see how the heads would be rolling for days, with much screaming, and gnashing of teeth and certainly with accusations, and Impeachment threats against Donald Trump.

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    McKenzie. Said…“I am now convinced that as many as 10 civilians, including up to seven children were tragically killed in that strike.”

    .The Pentagon investigation has concluded that the strike was not the SUCCESSFUL mission that Biden told us it was. . We already knew that General Milley is a Self-Righteous Liar. General McKenzie has now admitted his responsibility for what is was “a tragic mistake.”
    “I offer my profound condolences to the family and friends of those who were killed,” said McKenzie.

    So I guess that we can say that BiDumb lied, and people died

  4. Hey Old NFO;

    Damm, that is screwed up, when justice is denied like that because of a corrupt system that feeds on itself and there is no recourse anymore, vigilantism becomes an option. We as a “Free People” allow the state to dispense justice in a fair and impartial manner, but when they fail to do so , then the people will do the job, and it is much messier. I hope it don’t get to that stage but if this continues….some one will do it because they have nothing to lose anymore.

  5. If this is all true and people are found guilty? Bankrupt and and strip them of all qualifications. And the investigation should include clerk’s, court reporters, bailiffs. And they also need to be looking at the attorneys who represented the people who went through this disgraceful scandal.
    There is no way something could be as big as implied in this article and others not be aware of it.

  6. What? This surprises you? Even in supposedly-Free Texas, a man had his child ripped from him and said child is going to be transitioned because the boy’s psycho mother wants a daughter. All done with the Court’s approval, and several attempts to change the inevitable outcome of a teen suicide have failed because the Courts are supporting the psycho judge who is siding with the psycho mother.

    It’s everywhere. Jusy ‘Misery’ finally exposed the rot of Family Court Judges (where, all too often, failed regular court judges end up, and activist lawyers also end up as judges) that is to be found in every state.

    The whole system of the family court needs to be rebuilt. We still have judges who award custody of children not to their hard-working fathers but to their substance and physically abusive mothers. Where ‘someone has to go to jail’ is a code word for ‘the man is going to jail no matter what the evidence is.’

    Everywhere. Even my beloved Florida. The social services rot is killing all of us slowly.

    And do you know one of the main reasons? Just ask yourself what is the easiest degree to get from any university system. It’s not a degree in Phys-Ed. Nope. It’s Social Work. Every school that has a degree program in social services, it’s the hands-down easiest degree to get. (And next easiest is an Education degree. Scared now?) We literally are putting our worst students and worst people in charge of our children. It’s actually harder to get a degree in Child Care than in Social Work.

    And nowhere in the system is Common Sense allowed to exist.

  7. Couple three items here.

    One, credentials, sourcing of academic ideas, and so called expertise. Education, psychology, sociology, and social work are academic fields. Which means that they borrow older results from each other, simplified (dumbed down), and trust those results more than they should.

    I was a weird kid, pretty bookish, and initially trusting of teachers. Would have made it easier for an Education major to convince me of this or that improbable ‘result’ from psychology, if my Mom wasn’t very aware of the academic theory, and of how little basis it could have in morality or reality. There are probably kids that do get suckered that way, some of them would go on to study psychology. Since psychological research is often performed on psychology students, the state of current research could be very unrepresentative of the general population.

    Second issue, there is some evidence of principal-agent issues with some of the occupations that are in theory based in sounder theory, and more rigorous training. Medical doctors, even engineers, but the relevant thing here is the lawyers and maybe judges. That letter (of January 12th) that I’ve been raving about is an obvious sign of possible problems. Sometimes by the time there are obvious signs, something has been very badly wrong for years. Family courts are a possibility here.

    Third issue, Kirk has, over at MHN, laid out how Muslim practice of human trafficking in Eastern Europe had exacerbated tensions leading into some of those conflicts. So, why exactly would people not kidnapped into sexual slavery object to others being kidnapped into sexual slavery? Because they love those others, those others are gone, if they recover the others alive, the experience is still going to be profoundly damaging. These things are also true of family court abuse, education system abuse, and maybe some other things that don’t occur to me.

  8. Waitwaitwait…
    Family courts corrupt?!?

    Prosecution calls 70M divorced fathers as witnesses, Your Honor…

    The only workable solution is to mandate Constitutional Carry everywhere, including courthouses, re-institute the Code Deullo, and require all judges’ and attorneys’ home addresses be published twice annually, as a matter of public record.

    And impeachment from any public office, man or woman, should include, necessarily, being horse-whipped from the county seat to the county line, or from the capitol to the state border, stoutly and vigorously, whilst afoot.

    None of this will happen.
    But it should.

    It would nip the nonsense in the bud right quick.