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‘J6’ rally in DC was apparently a colossal failure…

The most anticipated visit by right-wing activists to the nation’s capital since a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6 ended with a whimper Saturday, as demonstrators supporting the rioters found themselves far outnumbered by police, journalists and counterprotesters.

The full article is HERE.

Even better, apparently ‘one’ of those arrested was actually and Fibbie who was ‘undercover’… sigh…

In other, more positive news… well, depending on your point of view, positive, space tourism is now here and will probably stay…

History will note that on September 19, in the year of our Lord 2021 (not sorry for offending atheist readers), 4 human beings returned home after a nearly routine journey to space. What made the journey more than routine was that none of the four humans were professional astronauts. The flight was privately funded and launched by the public/private space venture, SpaceX.

Full article, HERE.

So, if you’ve got a spare 100 million or so, you too can go spend a couple of days in space… Of course the question is, how many times can you see the same thing before it gets boring? And who hit what on the Garn scale on the flight???

The most extreme reaction yet recorded was that felt by Senator Jake Garn in 1985 on space shuttle flight STS-51-D. NASA later jokingly began using the informal “Garn scale” to measure reactions to space sickness. In most cases, symptoms last from 2–4 days. When asked about the origins of “Garn”, Robert E. Stevenson said:

Jake Garn was sick, was pretty sick. I don’t know whether we should tell stories like that. But anyway, Jake Garn, he has made a mark in the Astronaut Corps because he represents the maximum level of space sickness that anyone can ever attain, and so the mark of being totally sick and totally incompetent is one Garn. Most guys will get maybe to a tenth Garn if that high. And within the Astronaut Corps, he forever will be remembered by that.

The ONE thing you NEVER want as an aviator is to have a rule named after you, because you’re either dead, or screwed up massively… But Garn earned this one…


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  1. And the powers that be have succeed in shutting down protests from the right.

    Nobody is going to show up in DC to protest from the right when they believe that the group might be targeted for reprisals. The number of people in jail for J6 for trespassing is scary.

    But just how many more people list their jobs when outed as having been in DC on January 6th.

  2. Though I agree that Bidencorps has largely put a damper on any real form of peaceful protests, I think a significant amount of that damper belongs to those who infiltrate the peaceful protests and wreak havoc, catching up the peaceful ones in the resulting chaos.

    Yes, many don’t want to be involved with police action, but many probably see provacateurs such as BLM and ANTIFA as the catalyst for that happening.

    In my view, those two organizations have not only garnered themselves the “right” to protest with violence, that “right” granted by Democrats in general, but have also effectively prevented other organizations to protest peacefully.

  3. The word was out weeks ago to stay away from the demonstration, that it was a false flag operation. Good to see that most folks paid attention.

  4. I think it may have been the “only” person arrested.

    I love the meme going around showing a Captcha with all the undercover feds that says “Click on all boxes showing FED”.

  5. Another thing to remember… most of those of us who identify as conservative are pretty law abiding, peaceful people. We don’t as a group march around in funny hats with loud hailers and disrupt or annoy people. Unlike some others I could name…

  6. RE: Garn

    A small part of me wants to feel sorry for the guy but the vast majority is happy his million dollar tax payer funded junkette was probably the most miserable time of his life.

    Funny how the NASA PR department never released that fact.

  7. As to space flight, yeah, full orbit will be expensive until such time as SpaceX gets passenger Starship up and running.

    And, no, spaceflight is never going to be boring. I didn’t understand Apollo 13 being ‘boring’ until the accident. All space flight and all trips out of Earth orbit, for at least until we get 50 years into really fast nuclear ships or such, are not boring at all.

    Heck, I find watching fueling and defueling videos of rockets to be interesting. I can watch a roll out and roll back for hours. Launches? Watch. Landings? Watch. Floating around in the capsule or ship while fiddle-farting around not even doing SCIENCE or even science? WATCH!!!

    Back in the mid 80’s, during the heyday of home satellite dishes (the big ones) the wife and I would watch the NASA channel as they showed ‘streaming video’ of tests and practices in the control rooms, covered all aspects of whatever launch they were working on at the time (as long as it wasn’t DOD seecreetssss) like clean room video of checking and assembling, stacking of rockets, repairing the VAB, control rooms in Houston and at the Cape, random tower camera shots from places all over the Cape, engine tests and stuff. Could watch that for hours.

    Space isn’t boring, yet. Space needs to become, if not boring, normal. Like watching ships come in and out of port. or watching trains go by. Not boring, just… normal.

    As to the Garn scale, at least it wasn’t the Gorn scale… Nobody wants to fight a lizard person while half naked. Well, no normal person…

  8. Well, if I were to go to a demonstration, I’d carry a sign that said “I am a LEFTIST, so you CANNOT arrest me!!!” Not that I’d ever go to one, and certainly not one on the other side of the country.

  9. That space flight also raised several million dollars for St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Let’s spread the word about that far and wide.

    • As of yesterday, over $180 million, 100 from the ‘captain,’ 50 from Musk, and 30ish from other people.

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