Book promos…

First up is Jeff Duntemann with an interesting little novella, Complete Sentences

The blurb-

It’s the summer of 1966. Family camping is the rage. Boomer kids are everywhere. Star Trek is brand-new. Smartphones and social media haven’t even been dreamt of yet. So summer crushes happen the old-fashioned way: young face to young face.

While scoping out sites for stargazing at Castle Rock Lake, 12-year-old Eric meets a girl from the next campsite over. Charlene and Eric are both gifted, highly articulate students: Eric in math and science, Charlene in art and composition. He shows her the constellations in the ink-black Wisconsin night sky; she sketches him and writes him poems. An attraction neither has ever felt before soon blossoms between them. Eric’s sensible parents caution him that 12 is too young to fall in love, while Charlene’s parents barely speak to each other, let alone her. She aches for the love she sees in Eric’s family, and takes strength from the attention and kindness that Eric offers her.

For Charlene has a secret, one that cuts to the heart of who and what she is. When the conflict in her family threatens to end the campout early, she must explain that secret to Eric, and begs him to accept the vision she has of her own future. Facing the possibility that they may never see each other again, Eric and Charlene struggle to put words to the feelings that have arisen between them. They discover the answer in the language they both speak, and had spoken together all along: Complete sentences.

This is a great little story about the days before technology became the center of our lives. The protagonist is at the age where awkward doesn’t begin to describe his interactions with the opposite sex, parents, and other adults.

Next up is Dorothy Grant with the third book in her Combined Operations series- A Perfect Day, with Explosions

The blurb-

Jenna Brooks is a welder, and a fashionista whenever she can afford it. AJ is a former Special Forces spacer, who finds himself completely outside his comfort zone with her. However, terrorist bombs can overcome almost any divide – the hard way.

When Jenna stumbles over a corpse wearing an important clue, she’s roped into a high-stakes counterterrorism operation to uncover a counterfeit fashion ring that’s funding the terrorists.

As the trail of blood money and knock-off shoes starts leading closer to home, Jenna’s going to need all the help she can get to stay alive. AJ’s just the man to do that – but he’s after a lot more than merely her safety. It may cost her everything she’s worked for… and also her heart.

It’s GOOD! I was proud to be a beta reader for her, and frequent commenter on various things as she grumbled about ‘military’ operations at our dinners… LOL

And a few of us are in another anthology… 🙂 It comes out 31 October. The link is to the publisher’s page for It Came from the Trailer Park


And lastly, both The Grey Man series and Rimworld are now up on Audible for your listening enjoyment. The links below take you to the entire series so that you can choose your book or books.

The Grey Man series on Audible.

The Rimworld series on Audible.

And I’d like to thank all that have reviewed A Rifle A Pistol and A Good Horse. I will admit I’m frustrated by both the 1 star and 3 star ranking with NO review. If you didn’t like it, at least have the courtesy to tell me why… sigh…


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  1. Just ordered from Kindle. Must have missed the announcement as I didn’t even know about the short story. You don’t have it listed with your books. I will say that I am not a fan of your covers. Nothing that I would pick up without your name on it.

    • please let us know when it comes out, its not available for order yet

  2. M- Thanks. I understand that folks don’t always like my covers.

    Sam- It will be

    Tsgt- Will do!