I’m guessing…

The Loudoun Co school board meeting was ‘interesting’ last night…

Loudoun Co. judge rules teen sexually assaulted girl in school bathroom

Full article, HERE.

And the kids walked out yesterday at three schools…

Loudoun County high school students left their classrooms Tuesday morning over concerns about sexual assaults and the school district’s handling of two reported attacks. Students walked out of Broad Run High School, Riverside High School and Stone Bridge High School.

“Loudoun County protects rapists,” a group of students chanted outside Broad Run High. 

Full article, HERE. The embedded video is interesting for the chants…

And apparently the parent of the girl that was arrested at the previous school board meeting is suing the school board.

I need a program and more popcorn for this. And SO glad my friends are out of that fluster cluck up there!!!


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  1. Hopefully, this leaves a big mark exactly where it’s needed.

    “Keep parents out of schools”
    “Keep the rapists in”

    Good thing I got more popcorn recently.

  2. Wow! I listened to the ‘reporter’ in the second video. Dude was really, really, trying to make sure that everyone knows that the gender fluid issue wasn’t brought up in court.

    The dad of the first girl assaulted is also demanding an apology from the National School Board Association since they used his righteous outburst as an example of violence in school board meetings in their letter to AG Garland.

  3. Hopefully he’s not suing the School Board, rather he’s suing the people on the school board personally. If so…Put me on that Jury! “He’s suing for how much? Add two zeros to the end”

  4. Don’t get excited by expecting a positive outcome. Ethics and integrity will be beat by a Progressive everytime.

  5. I’m not sure what these kids think chanting is going to do. Isn’t it basically common knowledge that many school administrators protect rapists?

    Acts of pedophilia are necessarily statutory rape. Even where the mandatory reporters are actually reporting, sex ed as is done in most public schools is very very grooming adjacent.

    • When chanting and protests don’t work, ‘extrajudicial punishment’ will be sure to follow.

      It’d be a shame if one of these creeps got cornered by a dozen members of the H.S. football team.

      Such a pity.

      • Normally, school rapists are teachers. Which school boards protect just as much or more than the Catholic Church protects its nasty priests.

        But since the Obamski regime, the move has been to not put on paper any sin committed by any student, as that could damage their potential future (and getting rid of a kid costs lots of federal funding money.)

        Good on the locals for pushing. Good on the kids for finally marching over something that’s real. Can’t wait to see how the eneMedia twists this one.

      • Football teams don’t have much ability to penalize teachers, or much access to the administrators or union officials moving pedophiles around, and keeping information on criminal acts from public attention.

        In particular, football teams are not the answer to teachers going after special ed elementary students. Purely hypothetically speaking.

  6. I’m with Juvat.
    So the parents are suing the school board. If they win the suit, who pays the damages?
    Shouldn’t corporal punishment be in order here?
    I’ll bring my paddle.

    • Some might think a cordless drill and spade bit might be in order, but them that’s “some.”

  7. My two youngest kids spent their entire school lives in Loudoun County, and I’m sure glad that’s over. I abandoned the county over a decade ago because I could see it swirling around the toilet bowl even then.