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First up is Larry Lambert and Jules Smith’s second book in the Red Mist series- Loki’s Fire

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The blurb-

Five years have passed since the Norse Goddess Eir appeared in the red mist of the erupting Bárðarbunga volcano.  Very little has been heard from her since she vanished from the safe house in Herefordshire, England.

The effect of neutrino research in China still results in volcanic eruptions, halting the planned forced expansion of the People’s Republic of China out of fear of forces that they don’t fully understand. However they’re making moves to remedy that situation through the recruitments of assets that can get them what they want. The Long March has been delayed, but can never be stopped.

In the Manila underworld, where nobody is quite who they seem to be, Mike Vega is working as an arms merchant against Chinese interests and is removing meddlesome people in favor of those same interests.

French/Korean Sylvie Kim, working as an agent of the Chinese Fourth Bureau of Guojia Anquan Bu in The Philippines, has a mission too, and that mission is Mike Vega.

Ilya Sergeivich Zavrazhin an upwardly mobile operative of the Russian SVR is under orders to beat everyone to the punch.

It is a land of chameleons embracing each other where the laws of cause and effect are confusing and the outcome is far from predictable and none of the actors have any genuine belief in Norse deities returned to Earth or in Loki’s Fire.

But that’s about to change.

Next up is Alma Boykin’s latest Merchants series novel- White Gold of Empire

The blurb-

Without salt, man and beast cannot live. Without fire and tools, man cannot prosper.

Tarno Halson and the other salt makers of Halfeld Fluss must have wood for the fires to boil spring water into salt. Farmers, builders, smiths, tool-makers, bakers, and all the other trades demand wood as well, and tensions have risen among the trades. Tarno, a widower, also seeks a wife. One of the woodworkers offers—insists on Tarno taking—his daughter’s hand. The arrangement might bring peace between two of the trades.

Danger unifies Halfeld Fluss, yet also divides it. When Korvaal’s Son dies, and winter grows harder, obsession and anger simmer like boiling brine—and prove equally deadly.

Last but definitely not least, Peter Nealan’s newest book in the Maelstrom Rising series- Area Denial

The blurb-

There’s a Shadow War going on…

…And now the Triarii know it

Now it’s time for the next move

Hank and his section took a beating in West Texas, but they accomplished their mission and secured a strategic asset against a daring attempt to seize it. And in the process, they found out who’s really behind the war.

Now it’s time to strike back.

The government doesn’t want to admit Chinese involvement, despite what the Triarii and the Texas Rangers uncovered. So, once again, the Triarii must act on their own.

Destination: The South China Sea

Mission: Take the war to the People’s Republic of China

But will that be more easily said than done?

You’ll love this near-future military thriller because the tension ratchets up and never stops!

Get it now.

I have read all three and highly recommend all of them! Loki’s Fire has a great character in Mike Vega!  Alma, as always, blends research into an intriguing novel that blends fiction and fact. Peter understands the tyranny of distance involved in ANYTHING in WESTPAC (one of the few I’ve seen that gets it right)!

And I would like to thank those of you who have read and reviewed A Rifle A Pistol and A Good Horse! Yes, I know most of the reviews complained it was too short, and for that I apologize, but I DID say it was a novella! What frustrates me is the single one, two, and three star reviews without ANYTHING saying what they didn’t like…

For those who’ve picked up It Came from the Trailer Park, please give us starving writers honest reviews on that one too!

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