Just pisses me off!  That bitch had to have had help to pull this off…

SEATTLE — For decades, the Navy’s leading supplier of high-strength steel for submarines provided subpar metal because one of the company’s longtime employees falsified lab results — putting sailors at greater risk in the event of collisions or other impacts, federal prosecutors said in court filings Monday.

The foundry’s director of metallurgy, Elaine Thomas, 66, of Auburn, Washington, was charged criminally with one count of major fraud against the United States. She falsified the results because she believed it was “a stupid requirement” that the test be conducted at such a cold temperature, the complaint said.

Full article, HERE from Defense News.

I’m just going to leave this here and not comment further because it’d devolve into a BUNCH of four letter words…

Hang her ass!


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      • Agreed. Of course, now after reading about this I’m having to listen to “soothing music” to help me get my B/P back down to merely elevated….

  1. She obviously hadn’t heard of steel embrittlement via cold. Also caused the Titanic disaster (testing of its’ steel showed it shattered like glass at 32 degrees).

    It makes me wonder if her degree was as false as her testing, in which case she would fit among a lot of other “scientists”.

  2. I worked for a company that for years had navy contracts for turbo-chargers for its ships. I machined the parts for those units and the specs were very stringant and we knew that they were to be adhered to. We understood that a failure of the turbo-chargers in the middle of the ocean could not only disable the ship but could endanger the lives of the sailors. No excuse for not following navy specs in any contract. Someone’s son, father, or husbands life could be lost because of lazy and incompetant workmanship.

  3. So she thought the Navy’s specs were “stupid”. Glad to know she was better positioned via education and experience than the design engineers to make that assessment.
    Legally she just committed fraud, but it bordered on treasonous fraud.

    On another note, HAPPY 246th BIRTHDAY TO THE USMC!

  4. And I thought it was just Chinese steel we needed to worry about. How did they falsify ASME code documents?

    I consider that something we all need to be alert to is counterfeit material working it’s way into the supply chain? What if the bolts that hold the engine to your airplane are below strength? Every week we would get an email showing failures of refinery pressure vessels made out of Chinese steel.

  5. What ever happens, the punishment won’t fit the crime. It never does for these people.

  6. If she did what was claimed, then yes, she deserves to be punished. But look at who is making the claim: the so-called Department of Justice. I take everything they saw with a shaker of salt. I think the only reasons they occasionally prosecute actual criminals are because the criminals crossed their political masters, or because they’re in need for some good publicity to help cover for their part in the tyranny that is oppressing America.

    • Hello TOS,
      It was discovered by her former employer and it was a voluntary self-disclosure to the Navy.

  7. Customers need to be skeptical of pretty much ALL high strength steel these days. Between recycled materials with different alloying elements and fraud by many suppliers, documentation and lab tests are useless unless you did them yourself.
    A couple years ago, it came out that a major Japanese metals supplier was faking their certificates, it’s happened in the US also before this.
    Sad… It’s what happens when there is no outside moral reference.

  8. Steel castings used on submarines have been substandard since 1985. 240 different lots.

    Sure hope she doesn’t end up killing sailors. The Oh10 was commissioned in 1981 and is still poking holes in the ocean 40 years later. We rely on these boats for a LONG time.


  9. She should be arrested and then hung. Her stupid can and will cost lives.

  10. Hey Old NFO

    Steve nailed exactly why that requirement is there, the water gets pretty cold…Jeez…Makes me wonder if she was a “Diversity Hire” and nobody questioned her creds until now because of “Optics”
    I being a Chemtrail technician, we have to get documents before we can install a part, even parts we make with our own processes because it has to pass standards, “Lawndarts” are rough on the company stock.

  11. Ah, okay. Requirements are stupid. Sure. And the limit of 2+2 doesn’t even, using calculus, approach but not quite equal 4.

    This is how the pedestrian bridge in Miami fell. Or the Surfside condo. Why the Murrah building in Oklahoma City, OK, had it’s face fall (which caused the collapse.) Or why Boeing is in such dire straits. Along with Blue Origin. Or how an O-Ring designed for 65 degrees or warmer was put into a booster supposed to launch at places that regularly got down to the low 40’s or lower (Vandenberg, Kennedy, both places I remember seeing lots of frost on some days (first time I saw snow was 12-25-73 in Satellite Beach which is south of Cape Canaveral.))

    Geez… Don’t need cold proofed steel.

    I wonder how much damage this person has caused.

  12. I regret that she has only one life to give to her country, or rather, one death.

  13. You would think maybe the Navy could have had one of their own people verify the quality of the steel being used in their ships.

  14. I’m a calibration technician, have been for 20 years. The absolutely quickest way to find yourself fired is to falsify testing, no matter how big or small. I tell new techs that we don’t actually sell services, we’re selling integrity. The customer has to know that everything we represent to them is true & verifiable–and documented!

    • Much of our society depends on the high trust of vital organizations. Every falsification, shortcut, or lie erodes that trust. People need to remember that.

  15. I’m sufficiently infuriated that I don’t know a word obscene enough to properly describe this worthless, lying, lazy-ass piece of shit – and I’m a Marine NCO! After I was out, I helped a young guy get in shape for boot, and he went to SUBFOR He rode the boats that this whore shipped defective parts to. I ain’t half-pissed about that – I’m ALL THE WAY pissed about that…

    Put it this way: I thought that the traitorous FBI agent Aldrich Ames should have been hanged. I thought that Johnny Walker RED should have been shot. I thought that Clayton Lonetree should have been drawn and quartered…

    This whore, who prostituted herself and her integrity in the name of an easy day at the office? She should be BURNED AT THE STAKE…

  16. Terry- Depends on how the contract was written. Sigh…

    TB- Agreed!

    Robert- Agreed!!!

    Uncle- Concur with all!

  17. What isn’t noted is whether anyone else in the company was aware of the fraud. Hard to hide long term fraud in a business, as the various steps involved in doing work often are visible to others who might notice discrepancies that catch the eye.
    For instance, what about the stock or purchase of the cold chemicals needed for the amount of testing supposedly done? What about the actual steel producer’s personnel? More than one person inside and outside that company should have eventually noticed something wasn’t quite right.

  18. I worked a job a long time ago where we had to do weld repairs on a pressure vessel. The plate for the vessel was the same type as used on submarines. I looked it up in the QC books. Anyway the said requirement for fabrication at the time stated that it did not need stress relieving after weld completion. There were 5 vessels in the world made of this material of similar design and they were used in production of Ethylene Glycol. 5″ thick wall thickness. They all failed from cracking in the weld area. Specifically the Heat Affected Zone. We fixed one, and it was recommissioned, the other one in Kuwait was reviewed, bid on and it was determined by the owner to “Run to Fail” There was a 2 year wait for replacement. Not sure what happened. Anybody hear of a big smoking hole in the ground/sand over there?

  19. So, if she’s THAT stupid how did she get the job? (Affirmative action?)
    OR, who was paying her to do it?

    I wonder if they’ll put her company out of business for this? Because that’s what’s supposed to happen. And people running it are supposed to go to jail, along with her, for not checking up on stuff like this.

  20. Her willful perfidy could cost the US one or more submarines and many lives. During a war such losses could result in a lost war. Such conduct merits the death penalty. We need to bring back public hangings…. currently the death penalty is so seldom imposed it no longer serves as a deterrent.

  21. They should take her on a sub cruise and fire her out of one of the torpedo tubes !

  22. Interestingly enough Bradkin Inc is owned by an Australian company which in turn is owned by Hitachi, a Japanese company.

  23. The company actually reported it to the government, so they should get a qualified pass. Unless they knew much earlier than when the reported it, of course.

  24. Polimath- No, I wonder if it’s been withdrawn from service.

    John- They will get a pass after paying $10M penalty and notifying the Navy.

    Dan/JT- Can’t disagree…

    Wayne- That IS interesting!

    Clayton- see above.

  25. This is troubling:
    “She suggested that in some cases she changed the tests to passing grades!!! because she thought it was “stupid” that the Navy required the tests to be conducted at negative-100 degrees Fahrenheit”. (from the latest release, where it is being suggested by the doj that she do minimum time in jail)

    Not that she didn’t do the tests, but that she decided that the fact that they FAILED the low temp tests didn’t really matter. ——-HANG THE BITCH——

  26. Don’t get all in a huff, kids.

    Give her a tack hammer, chain her to the conning tower right in front of the video feed, take the chosen sub down to 900 feet, and have her proof test the steel.

    Give her back to her employer, and announce open applications for future “proof testers”.

    Problem solved.

    • All due respect, Aesop, that might make a good object lesson for her personally, but I doubt the lesson would truly take for anyone else. Especially since she might luck out and survive the experience.

      Either burn the whore at the stake, or lock her in a watertight compartment and flood it.

      Although, that last was a good idea. Televising the results, “pour encourager les autres”…

      End Title: Fuck Around – Find Out
      Fade to black…