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First up is Monalisa Foster’s second in the Ravages of Honor series- Ascension

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The blurb-

Would you embrace darkness to save your child?

House Dobromil has stood against the emperor since the beginning. For generations, they have defied tyrannical edicts and stood up for donai and humans.

For decades, war has crept ever closer and now, Syteria, a rebellious human woman Darien has chosen to be his future queen may be the spark that sets the Imperium to flame.

When Syteria crosses paths with the emperor’s agents, the unthinkable happens.

With the survival of both races in peril, with the future of House Dobromil on the line, the stakes for Darien and Syteria are higher than ever.

Driven by death and betrayal, victory and defeat, tragedy and secrets, can Syteria and Darien ascend to fulfill their destinies?

Ravages of Honor: Ascension picks up right after the end of Ravages of Honor: Conquest. While it can be read as a standalone (it is a complete story with its own beginning, middle, and end), it was meant to be read in sequence.

Next up is Peter Grant with the fifth book in the Ames Archives- Silver in the stones

The blurb-

What comes with a silver boom? Backstabbers, claim-jumpers and con men – and that’s just the start.

Walt Ames is working hard to keep his horse ranch afloat and his transport business in motion when silver is discovered on his property. It’s going to take cunning, determination and more than a little luck to investigate the claim while others are trying to kill him for it.

Can he keep his business and integrity intact, or is everything Walt loves going to fall prey to the perils of a silver rush?

Last but not least, a new short story from Laura Montgomery in the Marth’s Sons series- Transport and Deliver

The blurb-

When escape on a boat jeopardizes all a family has worked for, can an errant son risk his life to save their future?

The Luwenthals—second generation settlers on the lost planet Not What We Were Looking For—confront the destruction of their past life, and are forced to flee. As the boat containing the family’s prized linotype crosses a river lit by the flames of the printshop they had to abandon, fifteen-year-old Tobias Luwenthal must face his father’s ire over what he sees as his son’s betrayal. Disaster strikes, but will Tobias seize the chance to redeem himself at the cost of his own life? Will his father learn from his son as Tobias has learned from him?

A short story that picks up right at the end of The Gear Engages.

If you’ve enjoyed the Martha’s Sons series, start reading now for a glimpse into what happens next in this dystopian lost world!

And I would personally like to thank those who have left reviews of the two latest anthologies I have stories in It Came from the Trailer Park,  and Can’t Go Home Again.

Our little Texas writers anthology, Tales Around the Supper Table, Vol 2 will be out in a couple of weeks. I hope you will take a look at it!



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  1. Hey Old NFO;

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