As we get to the holidays, this is definitely applicable…

If you use candles during the holidays, PLEASE be aware of the issues surrounding them if there is a fire!!!

Stay safe out there folks!


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  1. So basically treat out of control candle fires like a grease fire. Smothering is best.

  2. I’ve gone to using a candle warmer instead of lighting candles. It’s about equivalent to a 25 watt bulb, doesn’t get nearly as hot as a flame, and isn’t known for starting fires. Still melts the wax, albeit a bit more slowly, and releases the scent.

  3. Wow! Who knew? That fire (from candles) could lead to fire (in your house)?

    What next? Leaving a tap open and the drain closed could cause flooding? Leaving the door open and the HVAC running can cause high electricity bills? Leaving a fire smoldering with the flue closed could cause toxic gas buildup? Being on a movie set with Alec Baldwin is 100% more dangerous than being around your average gun nut?

    Grew up with hurricane lanterns, used for, well, power outages during hurricanes. Safety precautions were taught like don’t touch the very hot glass, leave a screened window open, to turn it off you turn down the wick and then blow it out (not turn it down and let it smolder out, as that could drop the buring wick into the oil reservoir.

    What is it with people these days that simple safety procedures have to be taught to people?

    And, no, NFO, I’m not ragging on you. I’m ragging on the world that has to be told to not drink gasoline, eat tide pods, dunk a baby into a paint bucket, not to wrap oneself or others in plastic thus covering up the face, not to poke the fork into skin, etc. Am about done with the over-stupidification of this world.

    Subtle hint from “The Fifth Element”: Wind blows, fire burns, water flows, earth whatever. And ask about the little red button on the side of any Zorg product before pressing it.

    • I prefer Zork products over Zorg products…. so long as I am not eaten by a grue.

    • I agree with you, for the most part. Trouble is, open flames are just not as much a part of everyday life as they were for us. For us, caution around candles lanterns, and the like was drummed into us from the earliest age. These days open flame in the house is a rarity that only comes around once a year. We need to be the voices of wisdom to the young. That’s our job now. I’ll admit, I’ve never given thought to what would happen if I poured water on a burning candle, because I’ve never had the need to. ‘Stands to reason though; liquid fuel is liquid fuel, and you NEVER aim water directly at a class B fire!

      May I also suggest eschewing the real Christmas tree and going with an artificial? A “live” Christmas tree has roughly the same BTU output as a gallon of gasoline. We don’t situate gas cans in our living rooms, often an arm’s length from the fireplace, and string them with electric lights. I lost Dawn, my first love, to a tree fire on New Years Day, 1976. She was sleeping on the 2nd floor of the house. Her sisters were sitting by the tree downstairs when they heard an electric crackle from it. In SECONDS the tree was fully involved. By the time they ran across the street to get their father, who was visiting a neighbor, the entire house was engulfed. There was no hope for Dawn, even though her father ran up the stairs through the flames to attempt a rescue, suffering major burns in the process. …Christmas is never the same after something this happens… Stay vigilant, folks…

    • So, you’re saying you don’t like candles, Frank?

      ONFO, how about a PSA on dunking an insufficiently-thawed turkey into hot oil over an open flame?

    • Thanks for looking.
      Landlord has the pot and burner on the 2nd-floor outside deck. I asked him to cook WAY away from the house on the lawn. Downwind.

  4. Wow. Glad she’s OK… but now I’m thinking “what a useful tip.” Let’s suppose the Compound’s attacked by gibbs me dat chancing it out one of our urban hellholes. We don’t have phosphorous but we do have water and wax. Hmmmm.

  5. Candles-the oldest son hates them due to his experience in college. He lived in an apartment that the management refused to address the water leaking through the ceiling and everything being mildewed. They kept the door closed, and lit a candle to help cover the smell. Someone forgot to extinguish it. Yup he lost everything and neighboring apartments also had damage. He avoids using them at all costs now.