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First up is Larry Correia and Steve Diamond with Servants of War

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The war between Almacia and the Empire of Kolakolvia is in its hundredth year. Casualties grow on both sides as the conflict leaves no corner of the world untouched.

Illarion Glaskov’s quiet life on the fringes of the empire is thrown into chaos when an impossible tragedy strikes his village. When he is conscripted into the Tsarist military, he is sent to serve in The Wall—an elite regiment that pilots suits of armor made from the husks of dead golems.

But the great war is not the only—or even the worst—danger facing Illarion, as he is caught in a millennia-old conflict between two goddesses. He must survive the ravages of trench warfare, horrific monsters from another world, and the treacherous internal politics of the country he serves.

Next up is Kacey Ezell with her third book in the Psyche of War- Skies to Conquer

The blurb-

She’ll Conquer Every Sky If It Means Saving Her Child…

Pearl Silver was happy. She had a good job teaching young nurses. She was married to a good man who loved her. She had a son who made her proud every day. Most of the time, her memories of her time fighting in the skies over Europe remained a distant part of her past. Something she was proud to have done, but that time was over. Her life twenty years later was very different, and she didn’t have much reason to tap into her psychic power—or to stay in touch with her old comrades in arms.

But when her son signs up to fight for his country in Vietnam, it puts a strain on her perfect life. And when her baby boy goes missing, Pearl doesn’t question what she has to do.

Twenty years ago, Pearl went to war at the behest of her nation. This time, she’s going to war to find her son.

And she will leave no sky unconquered.

CV Walter, writing as Katrina Legg has a new ‘long’ short story out- Some Like it Bot

The blurb-

When the blonde bombshell walked into his office, Deputy Corbin was certain he’d seen this show before.

Then she asked him to solve her murder.

Deputy Corbin will have to follow a convoluted trail of lust and madness to save the tragic starlet… and he might not be in time, even if he figures out who did it.

This is a long short story, not quite a novella, and should not be mistaken for a novel.

And last but not least, Amanda S. Green is out with a short story prequel to her Nocturnal Lives series- Night of the Wolf

The blurb-

All great folks and damn good writers! Go enjoy for the weekend!


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  1. Night of the Wolf is good, though only marginally expanded from the vigbette it originally was.
    The Mackenzie Santos stories are very good, and highly recommended.
    Police procedurals with cryptid animal shifters, and the resulting complicated politics.
    John in Indy