Back in battery…

I think…

FantaSci was fun! Great to see old friends and meet some new folks! Six panels, only four of which got out of control…LOL

Sold a few books (yay), and had my obligatory one good meal for the trip Saturday night at the Angus Barn in Raleigh. It’s a steakhouse in what was literally a barn 60 years ago when they started it! It’s a tad expensive, but worth it!

Kudos to the staff for FantaSci, they did and excellent job, and the Doubletree at the airport is a great venue! Friendly staff and willing to work with the crowds!

Of course for every up, there must be a down…

#@%$$#% CATTLE CARS!!! And the stupid mask BS. People are definitely back flying, even as the prices are skyrocketing for tickets. I know a couple of folks DROVE from Texas to North Carolina rather than put up with the flights, and I’m not sure they are wrong!

Anyhoo, I should be back to regular posting and commenting today!


Back in battery… — 12 Comments

  1. When the air systems on aircraft are (usually) cleaner than the air system in a hospital and are scrubbed more vigorously… masks seems a little too — big brother and over kill for a few people’s “peace of mind?” Maybe it’s just me… but sheep haulers seems a bottle term.

    • It’s the .gov, alas. All “public” transportation requires masks – trains, planes, buses. Grrrrrrrrr….

  2. Wife and I did 11 hours each way including airport time in masks last week. SUCKS. Bad enough to have to do it, but far worse to have to do it for no reason at all. And just for the record, my home base, MCO, was the worst of four airports for airline counter (AA) and TSA.

  3. I know they can enforce the masks on airplanes but I heard from someone who flies a lot for business that there’s not much they can do to you in the airport itself, so he just doesn’t wear it other than on the plane.

  4. Can’t wait to hear more about your adventures! And yep, I’d rather walk than fly while the useless mandate is in place.

  5. Oregon has been making a big deal out of the Real ID(tm) upgrades to the driver’s licenses. I gather that soon, I’ll need either that or a current passport to fly commercial. Haven’t flown since 2001-2, and two out of those three trips were OK. (Protip: the bulkhead row in a Delta airliner might have less legroom than an ordinary seat. SFO to ATL in sardine mode was no fun at all.)

    Hell hasn’t frozen over, so I’m not yet ready to fly commercial again. I love me some retirement.

  6. I’m glad that you had a good time & sold books.

    Flying with a mask sucks.

    Anything with a mask sucks.

    People who mandate them suck.

    One man’s opinion.

  7. All- Thanks for the comments and good points all! I’m STILL coughing this morning from that damned mask BS…

  8. A bag of snacks and a big bottle of water go a long way to avoiding the mask requirement. For best results, choose snacks with a smaller item size, like popcorn or nuts, so if you eat one every 2-3 minutes they’ll last for hours. Or small sips on a similar timescale. I had my mask off to eat or drink pretty much the entirety of my last flight, seated right next to the flight attendant, and no hassles.

  9. One of these days we’ll make it to a con and catch up with you, been too long.

    I’ve been on 6 flights in two weeks. Only one had a pushy faggot steward that actually cared about the masks. The rest were aggressively apathetic. I had mine off for the duration of those, and most of the one with said flamboyant homo. Bag of snacks for the win. In Florida, maybe half of travelers wear them in the airport*, no one cares.

    People are done with this stupidity.

    * The constant “If you don’t wear a mask in the bldg you’re violating federal law” announcements made the whole thing even more ludicrous. Remember that thing about giving an order you know will be ignored? lol.

  10. TOS- I got a bottle of water.

    Heath- Yep it would be great to see y’all! And I’m SO glad I don’t have to fly often anymore…